A Person From Beyond the Sky

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Text to Speech:

“I didn't expect him actually to be a person from the beyond the sky,” Eir states.

“What?” It was supposed to be a secret!! How does she know?

She smiles, “it's an old legend that's been handed down: people that come from another world bring wonders that we only know from the Age of the Gods. Some return to their realm after some time. Others decide to stay here in our world. According to that legend, it was those people that brought us the Spirits of this world.”

“Seeing what he has and his knowledge, I can believe he might be.”

“He has a working flying home with him, so he either has gained its blessings or he's a person from beyond the sky. I was trying to feel his pulse on his arm, and it was at a different position from how I expected it. People from this world look all different, but their blood vessels are all the same in the same places. That only means he is from the beyond the sky. Don't worry, as you seem to want to keep it hidden, I won't tell anyone about it. Not that it matters, it doesn't change the fact he draws attention.

These days, barely any people know of that legend, so most will just assume he somehow gained the blessing of the flying home. But I have to say, seeing him falling ill to the Blessing of Life just shows he's a person just like we are, despite the differences in anatomy I'm able to perceive. I'm just not sure how effective my medicine will be. Speaking of the Blessing of Life… contracting it at his age is said to be a problem. If he doesn't get any better after a few days, we have to prepare ourselves for the worst.”

“Is there something I can do?”

“Actually, there is something…” I hear Mittens's voice sound.

“Where is that voice coming from?” Eir asks looking around. Her ears are quite sharp.

“I… erm… I have a tool that lets me speak with the spirit that inhabits Aster's flying home,” I explain, “its name is Mittens.”

Eir opens her eyes wide in surprise for a brief moment, but she collects herself quite fast.

“I see, I'm Eir. I'm glad to meet you,” she greets him.

“I am preparing a medicine for the case he does not get well after a week,” Mittens explains.

“Why should we wait a week before giving it to him?” Eir asks.

“Usually, the body is capable of fending off illnesses on its own. In cases where it takes too long, it resorts to a desperation attack. With such an attack, the healthier the person, the more the body damages itself. The medicine is to delay the body from using a desperation attack against an illness. For him, it should be about a week after the first symptoms.”

“So the medicine doesn't heal him, it just gives the body more time to defeat the illness?”

“It is exactly as you say.”

“That desperation attack you were talking about, does it lead to bleeding through all body openings?”

“Yes, that is one of the later symptoms of what we call a cytokine storm. Before that, other symptoms like very high fever occur. Also, since the environment could affect the immune reaction times, if his fever rises earlier, we have to give him the medicine.”

“Can we create that medicine ourselves?”

“To my knowledge, it does not exist naturally. But then, that powder that Aster received from Nobu does not occur naturally in our home world either. Maybe there is a method of procuring or refining it in this world.”

“Can I ask you to prepare a sample for me?”

“I will make sure to make enough of that medicine to so can receive a sample.”

“Erm…” I interrupt their conversation, “is there something I can do?”

“There is,” both answer, “you be there for him.”

“Is… that all?”

“It's important,” Mittens says, “you're the only family he has here. You just being there will help him a lot.”

“But if you need more specific things to look out for,” Eir adds, “he might lose his appetite, you will have to convince him to eat, isn't that right, Mittens?”

“Of course,” Mittens answers, “while I can continuously monitor this condition, I am not able to give him the warmth of a family. Aster might consider me his family, but I am bound to the flying home.”

“I see, I'll do what I can. But is that fine? Revealing yourself to Eir?” I ask.

“I believe everyone already has their guesses about some being like me inhabiting the flying home. While I do respect Aster's wishes about keeping to just you and him, his safety comes first.”

“I see.” 

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