Back in Dewick Again

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Text to Speech:

A few hours later, we arrive in Dewick. With everyone's help, we dock the shuttle to the house. After a quick after-flight check, Rowan, Kate, Tate and I go to granny's house. Cyma opens the door.

“You're back!” she says, “granny is currently receiving some visitors, but you can join them.”

We follow her inside into the living room. There's a group, all Felinefolks, with granny in the room. As she sees us, she stands up and greets us, “welcome back!” She then addresses Rowan, “you'll be always be my grandson to me.”

“I'm back,” Rowan answers, “thanks grandma, you'll always have a place in my heart is my grandmother.”

“Thanks, Rowan. I believe you're possibly acquainted, but these are the youths from Frosfeld, the nearest village to Dewick.”

“It's been years, so we might not recognize each other,” the eldest boy of them answers, “I'm Archer from Frosfeld Village.”

“Archer! You've changed a lot! As you know, I'm Rowan, and this is my fiancé Aster,” Rowan introduces us, “these are Kate and Tate.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you,” I greet them.

“You changed a lot as well…,” Archer says, “that's a lively Woosel you got there!”

“Yes it's quite a special one, its name is Cyril,” Rowan answers.

“Among the villages in this district, Frosfeld is the one we have the best relations to,” he explains to me.

“How about you come by my place later?” Rowan suggests to Archer, “we can catch up there.”

“Sure, there's a lot to talk about.”

“Cyma, please bring them to their rooms,” granny orders.

After the group leaves, granny asks, “when is the ceremony?”

“They said it'd be when we drop by the capital next time,” Rowan answers, “we told them, we'd drop by after Aster visits the Wind Equinox Temple. By the way, these are Kate and Tate.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you,” the twins answer in unison.

“I see…” granny eyes them, “take care of my grandson for me. That being said, the pilgrimage season is about to begin, so I have to ask you to stay at Rowan's and Aster's house for now.”

“That's fine, it also makes it easier for us to attend to our duties,” Kate answers.

Kate, you're too stiff…

“I assume you still want to be a merchant?” granny addresses Rowan again.

“Yes, I do, but…” he answers.

“… everything is at a much bigger scope now? That's just how it is.”

“I know, I wanted to set up a shop here, but now I'm worried having outsiders here all the time might ruin the atmosphere of our village.”

“You don't need to worry about that. Even if you have your residence here, everyone would treat you the same as before, unless you demand they don't. And if you're worried about the public image as a royal, everyone here will understand. Dewick is special. We sort of have a rule to treat people formally whenever they wear formal clothing. So if you require the villagers to be formal, just wear your shield on your clothes.”

“I didn't think of that!”

“The only thing that will change is who will be my successor as chief. I say change, but nothing actually changes. Now, it's just official Cyma will succeed me. That why I had them do so much work for me.”

Chief? I guess when she takes over, she'd be too young to be called elder.

“Me succeeding the chief?!” Cyma gasps. She's standing in the door, “I… I'm… not qualified. Rowan is your grandson.”

“On the contrary, you've studied a lot more than Rowan here. I had always planned for you to take over. While I'm happy he considers having his residence here, for certain reasons, he can't take over as representative of this village.”

“It suits you more than it suits me,” Rowans says.

“If you say so… I shall do my best. But what reason would disqualify you?”

“Please let me explain,” Kate intervenes and explains Rowan's heritage and the upcoming ceremonies. Cyma eyes open wide in astonishment. After the explanation, she shakes her head and states, “that explains so many things… But that means I can study without hesitation now.”

“About Archer,” Rowan changes the topic, “he was so… formal now. Did I somehow offend him?”

“Well, given the fine clothes you're wearing, I guess his behaviour is natural,” Granny answers, “just tell his about everything in confidence later. I'm sure it'll work out.”

“Clothes?” Rowan asks.

“It seems you've gotten too used to the clothes your siblings bought for you,” I joke.

Rowan looks at his clothes, “oh, I totally forgot… But can I really tell Archer about everything?”

“It will become public knowledge soon,” I add, “but by telling him about everything earlier, you emphasize the good relation Dewick has with Frosfeld.”

“Thanks, Aster…”

“Let's head home, for now.”

Our party, consisting of Kate, Tate, Rowan and me, leave granny's house and go to our house. 

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