Changes to Come to Dewick

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Text to Speech:

I've just taken a shower. Currently, I'm waiting for my hair to dry in the warm air.

Aster, since we can get all the heavy metals we need for energy,” Mittens asks, “how about we create a service drone or two? They do not have to be autonomous, but they could act as my arms. That way, I can do the maintenance tasks that you do not have the training to do.”

Service drones? Why didn't I think of that?!

“Yes, that's a good idea! I was really worried about maintenance of the replicator. Since that means we can make more use of the replicator, I want to make a computation unit after that. The question is where to put it… We could make it part of the hatchment!

And have the hatchment house a few extra of drones for backup too! That way, you can just activate more of them if you require more hands. Or if something unexpected were to happen to the other drones…”

“As you want a computation unit, will you be adding a new sibling of mine to it?”

I can't really tell if he wants a new sibling or not… When I wrote the program, I made sure the program wouldn't self-replicate to improve performance. While it's unlikely, it's possible that routine left Mittens with a disdain against the creation of new AIs based on his programming. I've never really probed if it did affect Mittens's reasoning.

“No, I only wanted it as a backup device for you. Say, how do you feel about it: do you want another sibling?”

“I would not call it a feeling, I do have an unexplainable longing to be your only AI companion. But having a sibling stationed here in Dewick could make things easier in the long run. Especially since you will be travelling a lot. I am content with being your most important AI companion.”

“I see, put the plans on the future agenda for now.”

“Understood. The other suggestion I wanted to make is installing holographic emitters inside and outside the shuttle. Everyone is way too surprised whenever I voice my input.”

“Is that so? Aren't they slowly getting used to it?”

“Yes, but we will continue meeting new people.”

“You make a valid point. For mobility, the drones we just talked about should have some emitters as well.”

“I suggest you start in the lounge area.”

“I'll see to it after our guests leave.”

My hair is dry, I get dressed and leave the bathroom. Rowan and Kate are waiting in the lounge.

Upon seeing me enter the room, Kate states, “I shall go and fetch our guests,” and leaves.

A bit later, Kate leads our guests into the room. It's only two people from their group, Archer and another guy.

“I'm sorry, my other companions don't feel well,” Archer says, “I should introduce you, this is my little sibling Hunter.”

“Don't worry about it,” Rowan answers, “have a seat.”

“It really feels like you've become a noble…” Archer states while sitting down. Kate quickly removes the unused dishware and leaves the room.

“It's currently an open secret…” Rowan explains everything to Archer.

His jaw drops. Tate brings in the food and leaves again. As expected this really feels awkward, I consider the twins my friends and yet, because of etiquette, they act like servants.

“It sounds quite unbelievable, but then the twins are here and treating you like it…” Archer seems to have a hard time processing the information, “I guess I have to treat you as noble too.”

“Feel free to be informal when we're among us, you're a friend after all. That's also the reason why we're here, so we don't get overheard.”

“You have it rough…”

We start eating.

“Older sibling,” Hunter timidly says, “that means Cyma…”

“Yes, Cyma is to succeed granny instead of me,” Rowan states.

“I see…” Archer turns pensive.

“It's fine, sibling, leave Frosfeld to me!” Hunter states.


“It's fine! You wanted to propose to them. Sure, the situation changed, but you don't need to worry about dumping Frosfeld on me. Father probably knew something: he asked me what I would think about me succeeding instead of you. Our two villages are really close.”

“Hunter… Fine, I'll ask them.”

“Best of luck, Archer,” Rowan and I state.

“Thanks, guys.” 

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