Oh! I'm a Potato Cat!

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Text to Speech:

Item: Maple Leaf

A Leaf from a Sugar Maple Tree.

Surprised by the window suddenly popping up, I drop the leaf. Now that I see it, I can't help but wonder how I haven't noticed the icons at the edge of my vision yet. Well, it's quite bare for a typical gaming interface… This dream is not very consistent… Let's check that interface out later. I'm feeling really parched — I should look for some water.

I take a look around. The sound of rushing water can be heard. I follow that sound and find a river. This is easier than I thought. I walk up. The water was so clear, I can count the stones in the riverbed. When I scoop up some water, I realize that my hands seem smaller than they used to be. I check my reflection in the lake and my jaw drops to the floor: I look like I did when I was ten years old!

“Is that for real?” My voice also sounds childish. I touch my cheeks. The reflection does the same move. Is this my mirror image? Let's see… I have… cat ears?! Black furry cat ears!! So I'm a cat boy now?! I also have a tail. I move my hand to touch my right cat ear Oh! I can actually feel myself touching it! Same with my tail. Since this is a new body, am I even a boy? Let me check… Yeah, I'm a boy.

Having a closer look at my reflection, I see I have heterochromia: My left eye is shining emerald, my other is sapphire, a stark contrast to my dim black fur. I need to check the interface right now! Do I have a character window? As soon as I think of it, a new window appears. Convenient!

Character Info

Name:Swift Mittens
Race:Neotes Ailuranthrope

I stop reading the window. Unlike the existence of a UI would suggest, it looks like there are no character levels. I got a new name. My name in this dream seems to be Swift Mittens. I have used Mittens as my nickname in online games before, so I don't dislike that name. But what on earth is a Neotes Ailuranthrope?!

As if to answer my question, two new windows appear. It says Glossary in their titles. Quite neat! I could get used to that. Not that I have a choice here…

Glossary: Neotes

A childlike race. Grown Neotes are about the same height as ten-year-old Humes. Some are blessed with innate luck. Neotes can be quite obsessed with their talents or possession. Due to that obsessiveness, they improve their talents faster and can achieve higher masteries at those talents than other races.

I don't mind playing the childlike race in that other game. In fact, I even like playing as a small mischievous bringer of chaos! But it's an entirely different thing to actually become one! I mean, having been average Asian, I have always been shorter than the average Caucasian and have grown quite conscious of it. And damn my colleagues! Why do they always put my stuff up on the shelves that I can't reach without a ladder! But I digress: this is a whole new level of short! The shortness of a ten-year-old! Permanently! Why!? Anyway, let's have a look at the other window.

Glossary: Ailuranthrope

A werecat race. Aside from featuring feline ears and tails, they usually differ little from Humes. Most of them are blessed with strength and health. Because of excellent reflexes and instincts, they can adapt to danger quickly.

There are rumours of Ailuranthropes being able to morph into full cats and back. However, no conclusive proof of individuals capable of that feat exists.

So I am really a potato cat! I guess I need to get used to being a shorty. But I just remembered something: I am living in an RPG fantasy world! This dream is awesome! Who cares about being short?! 

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