I Got Mail?! I Wonder Who It's From…

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Text to Speech:

I hear a ringing sound, but I'm unable to make out where it comes from. Very unusual for a ringing noise, it doesn't seem to come from anywhere in particular. No matter where I look, it's always the same ringing every few minutes. Am I hallucinating? In the bottom corner, eventually, I see the envelope icon in a corner of my interface blinking. Yes, I'm way too used to ignoring my UI.

But this UI is so minimalistic I can't help to ignore it! I have only three icons: an envelope, a magnifying glass, and an information icon. There's no minimap, no map icon, even no health and Mana bars, but I have a clock.

So I got a new mail. I wonder who it's from. I sit down and think of opening the letter I got. As I expected, a new window opens.


Sender:  Unknown Sender
Subject: Welcome to this world!

Dear Swift Mittens,

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sorry to say that, as you have probably noticed, you have died.

But rejoice: you have been reincarnated as a ten-year-old Neotes Ailuranthrope. Welcome to this world, Cratherion! I'll make it brief: you are currently in Avan Forest. It's a comparatively safe area. You should probably spend a while getting used to your new body before you go to the closest settlement.

Enclosed in this mail, there are some supplies and basic gear to get you started in this world. Since I ran out of ideas after making you a Neotes Ailuranthrope and I wasn't feeling like deciding for you, you can set your parameters and skills yourself. I'm throwing in some extras for your trouble. Have fun living in this world! Try not to die so quickly! You should be fine though, probably.

Attached Items

  • Book of Choice: Racial Trait
  • Book of Choice: Trait
  • Scroll of Choice: Skill
  • Book of Choice: Skill Mastery
  • Choice Box of Clothing
  • Choice Box of Weapon
  • 30× Lottery Box of Food
  • Box of Camping Utilities

So I have actually died? Sure, I was run over by a bus. But everything feels so unreal I still think it's a dream. Dream or not, so far I enjoy this. Back to the mail: what's up with them telling me “Try not to die so quickly!”? That doesn't bode well… not well at all! Let's assume this is all real and proceed with caution. Even though I'm not entirely convinced.

I'm ten years old here. Not that it really matters since I'm a Neotes — I'll permanently look like a ten-year-old. I guess I have to get used to it. On the bright side, I need not worry about growing out of my clothes. Maybe it's a good excuse for… Never mind.

So… do I even have a storage function in my interface? A new window appears. Great! I move the items attached to the mail to my storage. Clothing, food, camping utilities, skills, traits and weapons. No water. Maybe there's some in the camping utilities. It seems like I can choose 4 racial traits, 2 regular traits, 2 basic skills and 2 skill masteries. I think I should actually have a look at my character window for some additional information soon. I was merely quickly glancing over it the last time I was looking at it.

After that, I can choose what traits and skills I want. 

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