Setting up Camp and Discovering Numbers

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Text to Speech:

I have a feeling it'll take a while to go through the things I can choose, so I should prepare a camp first. From my previous life, I know it's a bad idea to camp too close to a river; especially on the floodplains. Though not having to walk far to get to water seems convenient, but when it pours the water level rises. And if you're lucky, your tent swims away with you in it. If you're unlucky, you drown in the rising water.

I look around to trying to find a suitable camping space. I spot a cliff. It's at least four or five times my height. I walk there to get a closer look. The area around the cliff is free of debris. This seems like a good place for a camp. I use the Box of Camping Utilities.

The box contains parts for a fly tent, some blankets, some tinder, some Barrier Crystals and several rolls of toilet paper. There's no water again, but I got some toilet paper instead… Well, it's not a problem since there's a source of clean water nearby. Apart from the tent parts, I put everything else into my Infinite Storage. I set up the tent, or at least I try to.

Fly tents are very simplistic. So I thought it'd be very quick to set up. But my limbs aren't moving where I want them to move! I don't have any hand-eye coordination with this body. So this is what they meant about getting used to my new body. After way too long than I dare to admit, I finally succeed in setting up the tent. Good thing it's only a fly tent. If this were a more complex tent, it might have taken me till dusk to set it up!

So now I need to set up a campfire. But how do I do that? Every time I've been camping so far it has been either in someone's backyard or someone else has taken care of it. For now, I have to be content with having what I currently have. Rushing it would probably simply result in injuring myself. Besides, it's not that urgent, since I have 30 Lottery Boxes of Food in my Infinite Storage.

From the position of the sun, I guess it should be about noon. Looking at my interface, it says it's 0E:5X. 0E:5X? Now it's 0E:5E. What on earth is going on here? I wait for the clock to change again. Now it's 10:00. Are the numbers different here? I remember receiving 30 Lottery Boxes of Food. I take them all out from my Infinite Storage and start counting them.

“One, two, three, four… thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six.”

So 30 is equivalent to thirty-six. So 10 is equivalent to twelve. That means my interface uses a base-twelve system. From what I can see, X seems to equate to ten and E to eleven. Is this how numbers in this world work? I remember hearing about a base-twelve system in my previous life. I think it's called duodecimal. It's said it would make day-to-day life more manageable since you can divide twelve by two, three, four and six compared to ten, which you can only divide by two and five. But since “serious” maths isn't affected as much, I didn't pay much attention to it.

I'll just have to get used to that. But for that, I need to know the words! How am I supposed to know what words are used? I need a way to get information without attracting attention. So 10:00 means it's twelve hours past midnight, though I don't know how long an hour or whatever it's called here is. Watching the clock the minutes feel about the same as in my previous life. So an hour is seventy-two minutes…

Since it's lunchtime and I'm feeling hungry, so I'm using one of the Lottery Boxes of Food. I receive a sandwich. Too hungry to care, I just eat it. It tastes alright. Though it could use some mayonnaise. 

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