Choosing My Initial Traits and Skills

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Text to Speech:

I sit down and take a look at my character information. 

Character Info

Name:Swift Mittens

Titles & Blessings


  • Menu (Hidden Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Analysis (Menu Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Knowledge (Menu Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Menu Trait)


That's a very bare character window. As I said before, there are no character levels. Currently, I have no traits but Menu, Mystic Eye of Analysis, Mystic Eye of Knowledge and Infinite Storage. I have no titles or blessings. I guess the Menu traits are functions in my gaming interface. From reading the glossary entries of my races, I would have guessed I'd have some racial traits. So they didn't even choose those for me. But that just means I don't have any existing traits to consider when choosing my initial traits and skills. So let's have a look at the racial traits I can choose from.

Book of Choice: Racial Trait

Choose one racial trait from this fixed selection.

Ailuranthrope Racial Traits

  • Accelerated Recovery:
    increases recovery speed of all kinds
  • Adaptability:
    temporarily increases status of choosing
  • Feline Form:
    provides ability to shapeshift into a feline

Neotes Racial Traits

  • Mastery Obsession:
    increases maximum skill level to level 10
  • Quick Learner:
    increases learning speed
  • Lucky Devil:
    increases luck by greatly

Neat! Let's see. Since I have four books, I can choose four of those. To maximize my survival chances, I'm going with Accelerated Recovery, Feline Form, Quick Learner, and Lucky Devil. Let's have a look at the regular traits I can choose from next.

Book of Choice: Trait

Choose one trait from this fixed selection.

  • Adrenaline Rush:
    boost increases speed when health is low
  • Appealing Charisma:
    increases charisma by a big amount
  • Book Smart:
    increases understanding of theories
  • Nimbleness:
    increases agility
  • Nimble and Precise:
    increases agility and dexterity

I can choose two of these. Again, to maximize my survival chances, I'm going with Appealing Charisma and Nimble & Precise. The latter sound like a typical trait that thieves have, though in this day and age, you'd rather call them specialists for spontaneous involuntary ownership transfer. I can't say I dislike the sound of the latter term. Every job sounds better if it's called a specialist! Let's have a look that the skill I can choose from.

Book of Choice: Skills

Choose one skill to gain at level 1 from this fixed selection.


  • Fighting Skills
  • Magic Skills
  • Production Skills
  • Survival Skills

I quickly scroll over the categories to get an overview. Meta-skills? Wait a minute… I cancel the selection and try choosing a skill to master.

Book of Choice: Skill Mastery

Choose one skill to gain at maximum level from this fixed selection.


  • Fighting Skills
  • Magic Skills
  • Production Skills
  • Survival Skills

I can choose two skills to master and it looks like I can master meta-skills. I grin. I guess I've found my cheat! It'd been even better if I had chosen Mastery Obsession earlier… I mean I finally get to live in an RPG world and completely forgot about min-maxing! Something I tend to do. I should have put more thought into that… Well, It's no use crying over spilled juice! So which ones do I choose? Survival Skills sound good. Let me check.

Book of Choice: Skill Mastery

Survival Skills

  • Camping
  • Danger Sense
  • Fishing
  • Foraging
  • Presence Detection
  • Presence Isolation
  • Trap Detection
  • Trap Disarming
  • Trap Setting
  • Stealth
  • Weakness Detection

For some reason, half of the skills in this skill tree sound like thief skills. Anyway, I'll go with that. I think I'm good with survival chances, so I should be choosing some other skills as well. Magic sounds nice.

Now that I've spent my skill masteries, I spend the remaining books to get all fighting and production skills at level one. I should take a look at my character window now.

Character Info

Name:Swift Mittens

Titles & Blessings

  • Master of Magic (Magic Skills Level X)
  • Survival Artist (Survival Skills Level X)
  • Jack of All Trades (Fighting Level 1, Magic Skills Level 1, and Production Skills Level 1)


  • Menu (Hidden Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Analysis (Menu Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Knowledge (Menu Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Menu Trait)
  • Accelerated Recovery (Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Quick Learner (Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Feline Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Lucky Devil (Hidden Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Appealing Charisma (Trait)
  • Nimble & Precise (Trait)


Fighting Level 1 ()

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Short Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Long Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Spear Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Level 1 ()
  • Bow Mastery Level 2 ()
  • Shield Mastery Level 1 ()

Magic Skills Level X (ten)

  • Mana Perception Level X (ten)
  • Mana Control Level X (ten)
  • Fire Magic Level X (ten)
  • Water Magic Level X (ten)
  • Wind Magic Level X (ten)
  • Earth Magic Level X (ten)
  • Lightning Magic Level X (ten)
  • Light Magic Level X (ten)
  • Dark Magic Level X (ten)
  • Familiar Magic Level X (ten)
  • Space Magic Level X (ten)

Production Skills Level 1 ()

  • Alchemy Level 1 ()
  • Carpenting Level 1 ()
  • Compounding Level 1 ()
  • Cooking Level 1 ()
  • Leatherworking Level 1 ()
  • Smithing Level 1 ()

Survival Skills Level X (ten)

  • Camping Level X (ten)
  • Danger Sense Level X (ten)
  • Evasion Level X (ten)
  • Fishing Level X (ten)
  • Foraging Level X (ten)
  • Presence Detection Level X (ten)
  • Presence Isolation Level X (ten)
  • Riding Level X (ten)
  • Trap Detection Level X (ten)
  • Trap Disarming Level E (eleven)
  • Trap Setting Level E (eleven)
  • Weakness Detection Level X (ten)

What's this? While most of the maximum level skills are level X (ten), some of those skills are level E (eleven). My guess is one of my traits increases the skill level limit on those.

I have magic skills now, plus I have the Camping skill on level X (ten). I should try making a campfire. I should be able to build a campfire using magic. But I still don't have any idea how to do it. I don't know even how to use magic at all… Let's try it, anyway, creating a stone frame… I touch the ground. A certain phrase comes to my mind.


A cloud of sand forms in the shape of a ring around where I touch the ground. I feel it'd too small and shallow for a campfire if that sand were to compact to stone. So I imagine a slightly bigger and higher stone frame. The ring changes size and the sand slowly compacts to stone. Yeah, this looks like the stone frame of a typical campfire. Is it done? No, something in my mind tells me it's not. So I keep at it. After I get the feeling it's finally done, I stop and put in some wood.

Now I need to light it. I could just ignite the wood directly. What could go wrong? I put my hands over the wood and imagine fire: hot and blazing. I mutter the word that suddenly comes into my mind.


Oh! I get startled and flinch. Good thing I do. The next moment I see a flash and all the wood I put in has combusted. The smell of burnt wood fills the air. That was dangerous! I should be more careful. Let's try again. I put in some more wood. This time I put in some tinder as well. I should light it carefully. I put my hand over the tinder and imagine it smouldering.


After a while, it starts glowing and smoking. Now, I can either fan it until it turns into a fire or I pour more energy into it until it turns into a fire. Let's do the latter. I imagine slowly putting in more energy into the smouldering. It intensifies. The wood also starts smouldering on the place where it touches. After spreading for a while, it starts burning. Neat, I have made fire! I sit down and admire my creation. It was surprisingly difficult. Good thing I started early.

Due to the mishap just now, I'm almost out of wood. I need to gather more. I go back into the forest and gather lumber. I can't help but notice the animals in the forest now, I guess it must be because of to the skills I gained. Since I'm not feeling any danger from them I ignore them for now. I like the atmosphere of this forest. Maybe I should settle down here! The cliff where my tent currently is seems to be a good place to dig a cave. Let's do that tomorrow! 

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