Raiden the Thunder Hawk

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Text to Speech:


I'm greeted by a hawk. My pizza! The hawk is gorging on it. So much about eating the rest of my meal later… When I look closer, that hawk isn't a usual one: it has golden feathers. Since my danger sense isn't reacting, it shouldn't be a threat. I try to get some more information about it.

Glossary: Thunder Hawk

While Thunder Hawks typically don't attack humans, they can become a Class A threat if provoked. Just as regular hawks, Thunder Hawks hunt smaller animals and monsters. Should those not find any in their area, they might select to hunt bigger animals and monsters using their Lightning Magic skills. It is believed Thunder Hawks can also feed on lightning regardless of its source, be it weather or magic.

So it's a Thunder Hawk. If I remember correctly, I should have Taming Magic at Level X (ten). I should try it. Slowly, I approach the hawk. I imagine my energy gently touching and enveloping the hawk. I stretch my hand towards the hawk.

“Taming Monster!”

Fine strings of light of all colours appear from my hand and circle around the hawk. They slowly approach the hawk. While it has noticed me, it hasn't moved. It calmly continues eating. Even as the strings touch it it's not retreating. The strings of light form a ball around the hawk. The ball shakes several times. After the shaking, the ball is seemingly absorbed by the hawk. Success! I know that because I can hear a sound effect that's just all too familiar. An old-school sound effect, that has been around since 1997. Good thing nobody is here to sue this world over copyright!

Familiar Contract

The contract with the male wild Thunder Hawk was successfully made.
Give the Thunder Hawk a name: ________________
OK Cancel

A name? I'm terrible at naming things. Hmm… male Thunder Hawk… Chicken, I mean, Raiden! It's just the first thing that comes to my mind other than Chicken. No, I shouldn't call it Chicken like I used to do in my games. I can't afford to give them uninspired names.

“Your name shall be Raiden. I hope we get along. How was the pizza?”


I feel happiness radiating from Raiden. I guess he liked it. Since the pizza is gone, I open another Lottery Box of Food. This time I receive some Duchess Potatoes. After finishing my meal, it's about to get dark. I put some wood into the chimney to light. This time I should increase the output a bit.


There, a working fire in a matter of seconds! I sit on my bed watching Raiden flying about in the big room. I totally forgot to check what I can do now that I have Raiden as a familiar. I try calling Raiden over just by thinking of it. Raiden does indeed fly over and lands on the bedhead. He turns his head, looking at me, as if asking me what I want. It looks like the experiment is a success. I can give him commands without having to talk. That will be quite useful when we go hunting. I pet Raiden for a while before lying down to sleep.

“Good night, Raiden.”


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