Upgrading My Cave — The Bathroom

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Text to Speech:

The next day, I'm woken up by something heavy dropping on to me. I open my eyes wide and shoot up. There's a dead rabbit on my blanket.


“Yawn!” I stretch, “good morning, Raiden. Is that your handy work?”


Raiden lands on my bedhead and looks at me expectantly.

“Do you want me to cook this?”


“I can't do that right now — I still need some tools. How about having that for dinner?”


I wonder how Raiden knew I can cook. He probably just assumed that after eating my pizza. I take the dead rabbit to the kitchen and grow a vine to hang it from the ceiling. Since I don't have a proper knife yet, I use one of the Choice Boxes of Weapon and get a short sword. I cut the rabbit in the throat and let the blood run out. Damn, it's dropping on the floor! I'm such a dork. Quickly, I make a bucket from stone and place it below the rabbit.


I move to the river to take a bath. I send Raiden to do as he likes. The sun is already high in the sky. The clock on my interface says it's 0X (ten): ()1E (twenty-three). Brrrr…, the water is too cold… I should make a bathroom next. After bathing, I change into a fresh set of clothes. I opted to get a dark blue shirt, a pair of dark blue pants, and a dark green coat from some Choice Boxes of Clothing. I put my dirty clothes into my Infinite Storage — I'll wash them later.

Refreshed, I return to my cave. I should be upgrading my cave and dig another room! Originally, I wanted to create a bedroom next, but having just experienced the cold water, I've decided to make a bathroom first. With a bathroom, I can heat up water before using it. Like before, I grind smaller blocks until the hole reaches the size I want.

“Grind! Grind!”

After I'm done, I re-erect a thick wall, separating the bathroom from the living room. I take some sand from my Infinite Storage I to create a bathtub.


So I have a bathtub, but it has two major problems: firstly, it has no drainage. Secondly, the surface is too rough and it seems to absorb a lot of heat. How do I get rid of water after I'm done? Well, I can just dig a drainage tunnel to the outside. To keep my cave hidden, I dig the hole to open further away from the entrance to my cave.

“Grind! Grind! Compaction!”

I also create a plug. The first problem is solved. Now on to the next problem. If I could only add a glass surface to it… Wait a minute!! Glass is made from sand. And I happen to have a lot of it! I take some sand from my Infinite Storage. I imagine a coating of glass on the bathtub.


The sand starts glowing red and coats the bathtub. Is it melting? No, it doesn't radiate any heat. After the glowing dies down, I touch the surface of the bathtub. Yep, this is much better! I proceed to coat the stone plug as well.


Since I can make glass now, I can make some tools of glass. I go to the kitchen. Glass is unsuitable for tools that are exposed to impact, but it's usable for all other purposes. For heat resistant tools, I just need to make them thicker. I make several knives, pots and pans. While I'm at it, I also create some tableware and cutlery as well. 

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