Food and Cooking in Avan Forest

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Text to Speech:

After eating lunch — this time I get some grilled pork — I summon Raiden to the cave. I need to collect something to cook the rabbit with.


Raiden has just arrived. He's circling around in the air.

“I need some fruit and berries, do you know where I can find those?”


Raiden leads me through the forest. We come to an orchard is the forest. This place is full of trees bearing fruit. They look like cherries, blue cherries. I analyze the trees.

Glossary: Tarry Tree

This rare fruit tree cannot be grown outside the forest. It has blue fleshy stone fruits. Because of their exquisite taste, they are very sought after.

I pick some Tarry and try them. They taste like honey melon. So sweet! I pick more of them and put them into my Infinite Storage. I set my sights on the shrubs. The fruits on those look like cranberries. Just these are plum coloured.

Glossary: Wooberry Shrub

This rare berry shrub cannot be grown outside the forest. It has small plum berries.

I pick a Wooberry and taste it. Yep, it tastes like cranberry. I pick Wooberries and put them into my Infinite Storage. I wonder, why does the glossary say those are rare? I mean, there's quite a lot of them here! On our way back, I check the plants that grow on the floor. I find some plants that look like green onions, but they are pink. I analyze them.

Glossary: Lanions

This plant grows almost everywhere. It's one of the staple herbs used in cooking. This plant grows very slowly.

I break off a little part of a Lanion and taste it. Unlike green onions, it's very salty and doesn't taste that much like onions. Since I don't have salt, this turns out to be quite a suitable replacement! I gather them as we move. Getting closer to the river, I encounter fewer and fewer Lanions. But I find more similar plants. These are green.

Glossary: Henions

This plant grows almost everywhere where there's enough water. It's one of the staple herbs used in cooking. This plant grows very fast.

I break off a little part of a Henion and taste it. It tastes like garlic chives. Since I have enough Lanions, I gather Henions until we arrive back at the cave. By the time I arrive, the sun is about to set. I immediately move to the kitchen and start dismantling the rabbit. Raiden sits on a table and watches me.

Even though I have never done that in my life, my skill easily guides me through the whole process. As much as I want to use the hide for something I have the feeling I've left the rabbit unprocessed too long so I my feelings tell me I can't make pelt from it. For now, I put it into my Infinite Storage.

I cut the meat into chunks and season them. I light the fire in the stove and fry the meat in a pan. Mmm, it smells great. I divide the meat into two portions. I garnish the plates with Wooberries. I push one of the plates towards Raiden.

“Here you are! I hope you like it.”


Raiden and I both eat our food. The meat ended up looking quite purple, but it was somewhat tasty. There's still the bucket I used to catch the blood… I put it alongside with its bloody contents into my Infinite Storage. 

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