My First Hunt: I'm Hunting Some Boar

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Text to Speech:

The next day, I decide to go hunting for the first time. I use a Choice Box of Weapons and get a bow. Luckily, a quiver of arrows was included. I have Raiden show me a place I can go hunt. I lie in wait in the bushes. There's nothing here.

«Raiden, are you sure this is a good hunting spot?»

Raider lands near me and waits. After a while, I see several boars come by. I knock an arrow and aim. And shoot. One of the boar shrieks. I smile — I've hit one.

Suddenly, I get a nasty feeling of cold. I know that feeling — I better leg it. While running away, I look back. The boar I just shot is chasing me. I barely even managed to land a hit, so it's alive and angry. I need a way to stop it, and I need it fast. Is there a spell I can use? No, using fire spells would be a very bad idea. Can I make a pitfall? I stretch my hand towards the boar.

“Displace Earth!”

The ground where the boar is about to step suddenly moves downwards and the boar falls into the resulting hole. I hear the impact. Did it die? I send Raiden down to check. I can hear the boar shrieking. Raiden comes back.

I get closer to the edge and aim again. I see a smoky silver string connecting my arrow to the boar. Just what is that?! Even as the boar is moving, the string is stuck to it. I take a closer look at where the string is connecting to the boar. The colour of the skin is different there. Is it a weak point?

To test that out, I carefully aim at that point. I shoot. I hear another shriek. And something dropping to the ground. Did it die? Even if it didn’t, I now know where its weakness is. So that's how my Weakness Detection skill works? Again, I send Raiden down to check.

Judging from the feeling of Raiden calling me over, I think it's finally dead. I raise the ground. Yes, it's dead. I put the dead boar into my Infinite Storage. Phew! That was more excitement than I wanted. I should practice more.

I return to my cave and hang the boar in the kitchen. I drain the boar's blood and use the same bucket from yesterday. Unexpectedly, the blood in the bucket seems still fresh! Is that an effect of my Infinite Storage? I need to experiment with by Infinite Storage later!

Since I still have time until I need to make food, I start making a map of the forest. I use some herbs and fruits I got yesterday to make colours and draw the places I have already visited on the table of my living room. Of course, I mark the river blue. I mark the orchard where I gathered the fruits green. Finally, I mark the area where I was just hunting in pink. To make sure the colours stay as they are, I seal those parts of the table with glass.

After I'm done, I go to the kitchen and dismantle the boar I killed. Today, I'm making soup. Having some bread or rice would be nice… With the boar, I should have enough food for several days. With the soup done, I scoop the portions for the day and put the rest into my Infinite Storage. 

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