Cave Upgrade — Adding a Hot Spring and a Bedroom

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Text to Speech:

The next day, I wake up early to upgrade my bathroom. I mean, I wake up at about 09:00. I add a spout where I install some crystals. Then, I to add overflow protection to the drainage.

I feel the water flowing into the bathtub… No, this is too hot and not enough water. I add more crystals. Now it's producing enough water, slightly too much for my taste, but it's too tepid. Do things change when I change the arrangement of the crystals? I rearrange the crystals in the spout. I might just be imagining it, but I think the water output has dropped slightly, and the water got warmer. Now it's perfect. I have a hot spring in my bathroom!

I also create a toilet bowl and connect it to the drainage. Why? I noticed some Slimes take care of the waste. I contracted them. I remember Slimes multiplying quite fast, so I don't bother giving them original names, instead, I name them giving increasing numbers. I enlarged the exit hole of the drainage tunnel so the Slimes can live in that portion. According to my interface, Slimes eat everything you give them. So I poured the blood into the drainage as well.

I wait for the bathtub to fill enough before getting in. Mmm, this feels so nice! <Purr>… Did I just purr? I didn't know I do that! That'll take some time to get used to… After I'm done bathing and changing into new clothes, there some things I need to take care of.

Firstly, what do I do when I'm not using the bath? I think I'll just leave it as it is, and just plug the bathtub when I'm bathing. I'll also add a tunnel to let the steam escape, at the same place where the drainage exits the cliff. I notice some Slimes I contracted don't like staying in the drainage tunnel. Instead, they enjoy hanging out in the bathtub. Are they drinking the hot water? Never mind. I'll just leave them be.

Secondly, my clothes: I've been storing them so far, but I really need to wash them. Can't I do that with magic?


To my surprise, it works. I see magic spreading through the clothes, but I've no idea how it works or what magic element was used at all… Can I use it after taking a dump as well? I'll try it out sometime. Anyway, I have clean clothes now! I put them back into my Infinite Storage. Now, that those matters have been taken care of, I can continue with my plans. It's not like I totally forgot what I wanted to do. OK, I did. I need something to note stuff. Can I do that with my interface? Yes, I can. I have a memo function in my menu. I was prepared to misuse the folders in my Infinite Storage for that! I'm being sidetracked again. I wanted to make a bedroom!

I move to the corner of my living room that should connect to the bedroom. It's directly next to the chimney. Come to think of it, if I can find more Continuous Magic Crystals of Heat, I can replace the chimney… No, I like the looks of a chimney. But I can add heating to the bedroom without adding another chimney! I make a note: “Add Heating to Bedroom with Continuous Magic Crystals of Heat”. It's time to dig.

“Grind! Grind!”

Like before, I grind smaller blocks until the hole reaches the size I want. I also break an opening to the hole I put the Awakening Crystal of Light Magic.

“Grind! Grind!”

After I'm done, I re-erect a wall, separating the bedroom from the living room. I also add a sliding door to my light source. I store my bed in the living room and move it to the bedroom. Done! With that, I have the basic rooms I want. For some reason, I wanted to add some storage rooms and a workshop later. But since I have Infinite Storage, I only need to add a workshop. I make another note: “Build Workshop”. 

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