Bunnyflies Faryl, Felix and Flynn

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Text to Speech:

The next day, I'm out exploring the forest. Lucky me, I find some carrots… or are those beets? At first glance, they look like carrots but their colour is red as beets… I should analyze them. It'd be bad if they turn out to be poisonous.

Glossary: Barrot

This plant prefers shades. It grows almost everywhere where there's enough water. This plant is rarely used in cooking. This plant grows very fast.

So they're edible. I pull one from the ground — it's a red carrot — and break off a bit to taste it. Carrots or beets, what will it taste like? I take a bite. <Sigh>, it's neither… it tastes like ginger. Well, at least I got something to add to my spice collection. So far, I've found more spices than anything. It's not bad since I can experiment more with those. But I'd like to have some real vegetables soon… There are only so many ways to cook meat without vegetables… I harvest some roots before I continue exploring.

Or at least that's what I wanted to do. I come to a very peculiar scene: rabbits are flying in the air. The rabbits have short antlers and butterfly wings. I analyze them.

Glossary: Bunnyflies

Bunnyflies is one of the most elusive species in existence. They are said to have high compatibility with Light and Forest Magic.

So far it doesn't look like they've noticed me. No, they must have noticed me — they're flying directly towards me. They fly around me. They seem to be interested in my hands. But as they see my hands are empty, they don't get closer. Wait… I take out a Barrot from my Infinite Storage. The Bunnyflies close in and eat the greens. Do they only eat the greens? I break off the greens and put them on the ground before me. I also take out the other Barrots and break off the greens to feed them.

They're such a soothing sight. I should try to tame them. As before, I imagine my energy gently touching and enveloping them.

“Taming Monster!”

Fine strings of light of all colours appear from my hand and circle around the Bunnyflies. The strings of light form balls around them. The balls are immediately absorbed by the Bunnyflies. Success! This is even faster than the previous time!

Familiar Contract

The contracts with the wild Bunnyflies has been successfully made.
Give the Bunnyflies names: ________________ ________________ ________________
OK Cancel

Oh, I need names… I name the blue-winged one Faryl, the green-winged one Felix and the red-winged one Flynn.

“I hope we get along, Faryl, Felix and Flynn.”

«Master, please give us lots of tasty greens.»

I hear a squeaky voice in my head. Did that just come from the Bunnyflies? I try to communicate mentally with them.

«Can you hear me?»

«Yes, we can hear you, master.»

«I see. Let's go to my place first. I'll feed you greens regularly.»

I go back to my cave. Watching them, they seem quite clingy. I think I should make them a place to sleep in my bedroom. Until now, I only had Raiden, and he lives on his own in the forest, only coming to my cave to eat from time to time. But if I make a sleeping place for the Bunnyflies, I should make one for Raiden as well.

I make shelves from stone. Three on side of the room and one on the other. I point to the three shelves. «You can sleep there. Do you need something to make you comfortable?»

«No, we're fine. We can use Forest Magic to create our nests.»

They start growing plants on their shelves as they said that. I call Raiden over to introduce them to each other.

«Raiden, I have contracted some Bunnyflies. Come here and introduce yourself. And don't eat them! Also, I prepared some space for you if want to stay in my cave.»

«Yes, I won't eat them. But I'm fine with living outside.»

Oh? I can hear Raiden as well. His voice sounds quite deep. Did I gain a skill? I check my Character Window.

Character Info

Name:Swift Mittens

Titles & Blessings

  • Keeper of Crystal Down
  • Druid (Feline Form, Forest Magic Level 5, and Foraging Level 5)
  • Jack of All Trades (Fighting Level 1, Magic Skills Level 1, and Production Skills Level 1)
  • Master of Magic (Magic Skills Level X)
  • Survival Artist (Survival Skills Level X)


  • Menu (Hidden Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Analysis (Menu Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Knowledge (Menu Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Menu Trait)
  • Accelerated Recovery (Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Quick Learner (Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Feline Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Lucky Devil (Hidden Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Appealing Charisma (Trait)
  • Nimble & Precise (Trait)


Fighting Level 1 ()

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Short Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Long Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Spear Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Level 1 ()
  • Bow Mastery Level 3 ()
  • Shield Mastery Level 1 ()

Magic Skills Level X (ten)

  • Mana Perception Level X (ten)
  • Mana Control Level X (ten)
  • Fire Magic Level X (ten)
  • Water Magic Level X (ten)
  • Wind Magic Level X (ten)
  • Earth Magic Level X (ten)
  • Lightning Magic Level X (ten)
  • Light Magic Level X (ten)
  • Dark Magic Level X (ten)
  • Familiar Magic Level X (ten)
  • Space Magic Level X (ten)
  • Forest Magic Level 5 ()
  • Telepathy Level 3 ()

Production Skills Level 1 ()

  • Alchemy Level 1 ()
  • Carpenting Level 1 ()
  • Compounding Level 1 ()
  • Cooking Level 4 ()
  • Leatherworking Level 1 ()
  • Smithing Level 1 ()

Survival Skills Level X (ten)

  • Camping Level X (ten)
  • Danger Sense Level X (ten)
  • Evasion Level X (ten)
  • Fishing Level X (ten)
  • Foraging Level X (ten)
  • Presence Detection Level X (ten)
  • Presence Isolation Level X (ten)
  • Riding Level X (ten)
  • Trap Detection Level X (ten)
  • Trap Disarming Level E (eleven)
  • Trap Setting Level E (eleven)
  • Weakness Detection Level X (ten)

It looks like I've gained Telepathy Level 3. I have gained Forest Magic too. I try communicating with my Slimes, but they don't answer. Instead, I can only feel emotions coming from them. But I could already do that before… I wonder what the trigger for getting the skill was. Maybe contracting the Bunnyflies was the trigger. Those Bunnyflies they remind me of Wolpertinger… I remember hearing of them when I was a child. Don't they like alcohol? Maybe I should try making some.

I squash some Tarry and put them into a jar and close it. If I'm lucky, I should have some yeast to use soon. And I go tap trees for gathering maple sap. I hang some glass containers to the maple trees and cut a hole in the tree. To stop the hole from closing, I create a cylinder of glass in the hole.

Raiden arrives, and I introduce my familiars to each other. I thought the Bunnyflies would be afraid of Raiden, but it turns out they see him more like a protective elder brother.

Two days later, I have a look at the jar. I open the jar to ventilate it. And it smells like yeast. That was way faster than I expected! Usually, that takes about two weeks. Anyway, I have my yeast. I put the jar into my Infinite Storage to stop time. If I've known the yeast would be done in two days, I'd started gathering maple sap much earlier!

After another two days, I get the containers full of maple sap and cook them concentrate the sugar content. After cooking down the contents of eight containers down to two pots. I let the syrup cool down a little. As it's reaching room temperature, I add in the yeast from the jar I stored away. I close the pots and leave them in a corner of my kitchen.

Lately, I have the feeling I'm not tired at all until past midnight. In the last few days, I can't even sleep before 1X:00 (twenty-three bells)! I guess this is another effect of this body…

After a week, I open one of the pots to inspect. Yes, that smells like maple wine. I quickly fill the wine into bottles and put them into my Infinite Storage. But I was too slow. The Bunnyflies have already caught the scent. They've already come to the kitchen. They circle me.

«Master, master! That smells great! Can we have some? Please? Pretty please?!»

I give up. They're just way too cute!

“Just one bowl. This stuff takes a while to make.”

I pour them one bowl of wine to drink.

«Yay!» They land and drink. «It's delicious!»* They really like it! Raiden arrives as well.

«Do you want some as well, Raiden?»

«No, I'm fine.»

I'm glad it worked. I'm done with the first pot and open the second one. It smells of vinegar. It seems like this pot failed. It's not a big deal since I already got some wine. Plus, I could use some vinegar for my cooking. I fill the vinegar into bottles as well.

As I'm done filling the bottles, the Bunnyflies have finished their bowl of wine. They're not alone. One of the Slimes that prefers living in the bathtub has joined them.

«Master, more please! Pretty please!»

I have to stay strong.

“No, just that single bowl. If you bother me more, I will never make it again.”


Dejected, they fly to the living room to play. The slime reluctantly follows them. I have to stay strong… 

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