Worrying About the Future

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Text to Speech:

Swift was just here a moment ago, but I can't tell where he went. It's as if he just vanished into thin air — like an illusion. The only proof he was here is I have a Bunnyfly with me. Flynn seems to want to stay with me, so Swift transferred his contract to me. He's flying around me.

“I didn't know familiar contracts can be transferred.”

“It's said you need to master Familiar Magic to able to do that…”

“If I remember correctly, he has mastered all magics,” Silas adds.

Silence… It's true Swift has mastered a lot of skills. Him having a good set of traits probably helped in that regard.

“We should try to win him for our country. He'd be quite an asset,” Seth suggests.

“No, don't. He might leave for another country if we do that. He wasn't exactly excited about me inviting him to the castle. I want to have friendly relations with him. It'd be more than enough if he stays neutral if anything happens.”

“If you say so. But what do we say to your father?”

“There's no need for worrying. As you've said before: he's the keeper of the Crystal Down. The keeper is not to be drawn into political struggles. Father will understand, but I fear the other nobles might make a fuss in the future nonetheless…”

“You gave him the coat with your crest, that should deter the nobles from messing with him.”

“I agree. But I have this feeling something might happen…”

«Don't worry!»

I hear a squeaky voice. I turn to the others.

“Did you guys say something?”

The men shake their heads. Flynn flies directly in front of me.

«Don't worry! Former master is strong.»

“Is that your voice, Flynn?”

«Master can talk with me like this. Former master can, too. Big Bro Raiden as well.»

“What's the matter?”

“It seems I can communicate with Flynn. He tells me to worry. Apparently, Swift can communicate with the Bunnyflies as well.”

I try asking Flynn several questions. The answers aren't that useful. But now I get what Swift meant by playful.

When we arrive at the castle, I meet with my father, “father, I'm back!”

“Matt, you're back. How was the meeting with the Keeper?”

Someone knocks on the door.

“I hear my little brother has returned from his trip.”

“Elder brother!”

My elder brother Virgil enters.

“Matt, how was your trip?”

“Way too short, but I was just about to tell father about it.”

“If I remember correctly, you were on the way to Avan Forest. Did you get your skill?”

“Yes, but I got it a week ago, on my previous trip. I was just visiting the keeper this time.”

“So how did that go?”

“It went well. As expected, he's not fond of politics. But he seems friendly. One of the Bunnyflies he has around decided to come with me. Come, Flynn, say hello.”

Flynn flies about.

“I've never thought I'd get to see a Bunnyfly in person. And he's following you?”

“The familiar contract was transferred to me. But about the keeper. Flynn tells me the Keeper might leave the country if he gets drawn into struggles.”

“I understand. I'll talk to the nobles of both all factions to mind that. But you act as he'll eventually leave the forest.”

“I have a feeling he will. He's just more interested in staying in the forest right now. Maybe by the time I have come of age…”

“Is it that skill you claim to have? I still find it hard to believe you have that. But we'll see in time if it's true…” 

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