Slimes and Slime Gelatine

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Text to Speech:

Before I return to my cave, I drop by the drainage to inspect the area. It doesn't smell at all — that's great. That means the Slimes do a good job of cleaning up. The Slimes come out to greet me.

I notice some of the Slimes have a different colour. They are blood red. I analyze them.

Glossary: Blood Slime

This evolved slime enjoys eating blood.

Blood Slimes? That means I can just keep them in the kitchen and feed them the blood directly! I take them with me to the cave. When I enter the cave, I notice some strange blob on the kitchen table. I let the Blood Slimes eat their fill of blood while I analyze the blob on the table.

Glossary: Slime Gelatine

While Slimes can sustain themselves just by drinking water, some Slimes like to eat. Depending on what they eat might produce several items. One of these products is Slime Gelatine. The jelly is edible, even though it doesn't have any taste or nutritional value.

Slime Gelatine? It's gelatine! I can make fruit jelly! With this… and gummy bears! But I need more than this. What do I need to feed the Slimes to get more jelly?! As if to answer my question one of the Slimes crawls on the table and eats part of the animal fat I set aside and forgot to put away.

“So you Slimes make jelly from animal fat?” I ask the Slime. Not that it would answer me. It just simply continues to happily eat the fat.

Excited, I put more animal fat on the table. I do have quite the amount in my Infinite Storage. I call the Slimes that live in the cave.

«If you like Animal Fat, you guys can have it.»

Some Slimes come to the kitchen to enjoy the fat. While those eat, I decide to check the Slimes that enjoy the bathtub. They've become translucent with very fluid liquid inside them. So those have evolved as well?

Glossary: Hot Springs Slime

This evolved slime enjoys bathing in hot water. It also enjoys drinking and soaking in said water.

I feel like I should have given the Slimes more attention… My guess is Slimes evolve depending on their diet. I wonder what kinds of Slimes and other Slime products I can get… Let's add it to the bucket list. The next day, I have more than enough gelatine. Let's try making gummy bears. Why gummy bears? I like wine gums, but I should start simple with just gummy bears. I mush Tarries and sieve them. Then I boil the juice to thicken it. After I lost about 30% of the water I let the juice cool down a just a little. While it's still hot but not boiling, I put in some Jelly blobs. I stir the mixture until it's homogenous and pour it into bear-shaped ice cube trays I made from glass. I then let it cool down completely.

I need to make some kind of fridge. Not to store stuff, I can use my Infinite Storage for that. I need it for cooling things! I take another note in my memos: “build a fridge”.

Later, I check the results. The bad news is it doesn't have the consistency of gummy bears. The good news is it ended up becoming fruit jelly, so it's not a complete failure. I guess to get gummy bear consistency, I need to boil the juice down even more. Let's put it into my Infinite Storage for now. 

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