Cooking After the Hunt

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Text to Speech:

“I discovered that spell by accident. I don't even know what type of magic it is, but it works. I think that rabbit is more than enough to eat. Should we go gather some fruits?”

“Yes, let's go.”

We move to the southeastern parts of the forest. Upon entering the orchard of fruits, the others stand there rubbing their eyes. I remember, apparently, those fruits are rare.

“Things are just different in this forest,” Matt finally says after a long silence.

“Oh, you're back,” I grin, “are those fruits that rare?”

“Yes, they are rare!”

“According to my Eye of Knowledge, they only grow in forests. Did someone try to grow them a forest yet?”

“I don't know. I'll check when I get back. It won't be easy to cultivate those then. You'd have to live in the forest to take care of an orchard like this.”

Hmm, I could try growing them in a forest pocket dimension. I would need one, anyway.if I ever plan to leave the forest. I need some safe space for my familiars. That's another item for my bucket list.

“You guys rest. Leave the gathering to us, it's not like we helped much with the Giant Rabbit.”, Silas says.

Seth, Matt and I sit down to rest. Matt suddenly starts petting my ears.

<Purr>, I've started purring…

“Matt!” I should stop him from petting my ears. But I'm so sleepy…

I don't know how long I've been sleeping, but I wake up on Matt's lap.

“Ah, you've come to. The others are about done with gathering.”

We return to the cave. The rabbit is way too big to hang from in the kitchen. Instead, I put the dead rabbit on the floor and I call the Blood Slimes out.

“What are those?” , Matt inquires.

“Blood Slimes, they eat blood.”

They enter the body through the open wounds. Those Slimes are surprisingly fluid.

“Usually I let them eat the blood that drops out… I did not expect them to go directly into the body… Maybe I should have one of them accompany me when I go hunting. That aside. I'm not sure if I can really dismantle that rabbit… it's quite huge…”

We break out in laughter.

“We're happy to help you with that,” Seth says.

Meanwhile, the Bloods Slimes are leaving the dead body. It's a strange sight. It looks like blood flowing out to form Slimes.

“In that case, I'll start preparing the other stuff.”

I go to the kitchen and prepare some fruit jelly. After filling the forms, I let them cool down on a shelf. I take out some Poto and cut them to sticks. I'll fry those later. I drop by outside to see how far the others have come. I need some fat to fry the fries, too.

“Good timing, we're just about done here,” Seth has noticed me leaving the cave, “as I understand you'll be making food with this. So… can we have its hide and its claws?”

“The hide and the claws? Oh yeah, sure. I can't process it, anyway.”

While I can easily get all the meat I need when I dismantle an animal, I still haven't managed to preserve the hide until now, so I have never thought about what to do with it. “By the way,” I change back to the reason I left the kitchen, “I need some fat.”

“We're done. You can put everything into your Infinite Storage,” Sain answers.

“Should I store the hide as well? Time doesn't pass in the Infinite Storage.”

“Yes, please do. Keeping it from decomposing is very important.”

After returning to the kitchen, I put some animal fat into a pot and light the stove. From I drop in a little Poto crumb to see if the fat is hot enough for deep-frying. Eventually the fat around the crumb sizzles. I put in the Poto sticks into a sieve and put it into the oil to fry.

“That smells great”, Matt enters the kitchen, “what are you making?”

“Schnitzel with fries.”

“Schnitzel with fries? I've never heard of that.”

“It's simple, but it's good. Fries are just deep-fried sticks of Poto. As for Schnitzel, I'm about to start with those.”

I take out a chunk of meat and cut it to slices. I mix some flour and eggs and coat the meat slices and fry them in a pan.

While waiting for the right time to flip the Schnitzel, I prepare the Wooberry sauce. Basically, it's just mashing the berries and cooking it until it becomes viscous enough.

After flipping the Schnitzel, the fries are about done. I pull the sieve out of the fat. To let the fat drip down, I hang the sieve on hooks I have created on the wall. Good thing I added those after I made the rooms for Matt's group a few days ago! After preparing enough for everyone, we sit down and eat. I don't have a replacement for a lemon. So it'll have to do without. It's not pork, anyway.

After I'm done, we prepare the table. I also pour a bowl of wine for the Bunnyflies. We sit down and eat.

“You were right. It's so simple, yet it's so good!” Matt says.

Everyone seems to enjoy the food. As do I. How long has it bees since I last enjoyed this? I'm glad they like it. Though I'm still somewhat unhappy about it turned out — something is off — but I can work on that some other time.

“What's up Swift? You look like you've something on your mind.”

It looks like it's showing. Let's just tell him.

“Not much. It seems I forgot a step or two when I was cooking. It's been quite a while since I made that.”

Now I remember! I need breadcrumbs in the breading and I need to beat the meat before putting it into the breading.

As everyone finishes, I get the fruit jelly.

“This is called fruit jelly.”

“That looks like an unusual dessert. How do you make it?” Matt inquires. I'm somewhat surprised he's so interested in cooking. Isn't he the prince of the kingdom?

“You melt Slime Gelatine and mix it with fruit juice.”

“Slime Gelatine?”

They seem shocked.

“Oh, do you have some reservations against eating Slime Gelatine?”

“No, no, it's OK. Slime Gelatine is harmless, but people usually ignore it since it doesn't help to sustain you.”

“Isn't that perfect for a dessert?”

“You're right.”

We start eating the fruit jelly..

“This is good! It just has the perfect level of sweetness!”

“I agree with Sain.”

We finish our dessert.

“Thanks for the food.”

“You're welcome.” 

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