Swift Mittens, the Kitten

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Text to Speech:

It's about the 09:00 (nine bells), and Swift still hasn't woken up. I should try to wake him up. If it's anything like yesterday it's going to take a while… I go to Swift's room. He's not there! His clothes are, but he isn't! I run to the living room.

“Swift has vanished!”

“Are you sure?” Seth has a questioning look on his face.

“Yes, I am. I only found his clothes.”

“But where would he go without his clothes? Did he leave? I mean, you can only leave his room through the living room. And we were here.”

“I don't know. All I know that he's not is room!”

“What's with the ruckus so early in the morning?!” I hear Swift's voice coming from the direction of his room. I look in that direction. He's not there.

“Down here.”

I look down and find a black cat. The kitten has the same different coloured eyes as Swift has: one is sapphire, the other one is ruby. Please don't tell me…

“Swift Mittens?! Is that you?!”

“Yes, it's me. And no, I don't know how this happened. I couldn't sleep all night and when I woke up, I found myself in this form…”

I grab him and pet him.

“Oh… <purr>. Oh, would you stop that! I'm not your pet! But then… <purr>.”

Hehe, I found his weak spot! It right behind his ears. I wonder if it's there too when he's a normal Ailuranthrope?

“I didn't know you could turn into a cat. Is that an Ailuranthrope ability?”

“I… oh, yeah, I remember. I do have a Hidden Trait for that. But I've never used it. So why am I a cat now?”

“I think you're a Lunar Wanderer. You did say you couldn't sleep this night. It was a full moon yesterday,” Sain explains.

“Lunar Wanderer?”

So he doesn't know about that? But that's common knowledge!

I explain: “Ailuranthropes are commonly classified into two major variants: Lunar Wanderer and Solar Whimsical. Lunar Wanderers suffer from insomnia on nights with a full moon: they become restless from Mana Intoxication. Maybe your body just dealt with it by turning into a cat.”

“I see. Good to know. I didn't exactly grow up among Ailuranthropes…”

Oh, right, he is a mixed one…

“I guess today's training is cancelled,” I say. I think he's grinning.

“Oh, not that easy,” a buck naked Silas tries to grab Swift. But he simply jumps away. Silas continues: “Just because you can't hold a weapon doesn't mean you can't train.”

The next moment, Swift jumps up and lands a hit on Silas's jaw. He flies and crashes against the wall. That was quite a punch!

“Sorry, that punch was more powerful than I thought,” Swift apologizes, “are you alright?”

“That punch stung… How did you do that? There's no way that was a regular punch!”

“I dunno. I just tried punching.”

“I have an idea,” Sain says, “But let's go outside to test it.”

We leave the Bunnyflies to play on their own and exit the cave.

“So what's the idea?” Swift asks.

“Try shooting that rock over there with magic,” Sain points at the boulder nearby.

“Let's see…” Swift closes his eyes. A short while later he opens them again.

“Fire Ball!”

A ball of fire appears in front of Swift and flies to the boulder.

“That was also stronger than I expected. I wonder if this is an effect of this Feline Form or just the effect of the full moon… So, do you mind, not training today? I think I want to make use of this excess power to create a Magic Space.”

“I see,” Seth seems very open to this.

“I think that's a good idea,” Sain adds. It must be. After all, Sain is our magic expert.

“Thanks,” Swift walks back into the cave.

We stay behind for a bit.

“It's sure one surprise after another with him,” Seth says.

“I don't think that's bad. Though, we'd better tell him to keep that ability a secret…” I reply.

“I like teaching him. He's a good student,” Silas says, “oh, it's cold… I did not expect him to win that bet…”

“Then, I'll have a go with teaching next time as well. I think he could use it,” Sain adds.

“It looks like he's working hard. I should train, too,” I say.

“Then let's start,” Seth answers.

“Sain, would you…”

“Of course!” Sain, enters the cave.

Seth and I begin sparring. 

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