The Large Bath in the Evergreen Forest

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Text to Speech:

With the help of Silas and Sain, the Magic Space starts to fill with life. The plan is to plant two rows of various forest trees at two neighbouring edges of the space. I'm not using Forest Magic to speed up growth — that would deplete the nutrients in the soil too fast, so they're all saplings for now.

Sain told me there's such thing as rain in a Magic Space, so I need some other solution. I can water them regularly, but it would be better if I can this place to be self-sufficient. While I still have some Continuous Magic Crystal of Magic Water left, I don't enough to create a steady stream; I leave the idea of a trench of water for later and just spread the crystals out instead. If I place a crystal each between a pair of trees, I still don't have just enough… I need to gather more.

“I need to go and try to gather some crystals for this,” I tell Sain and Silas.

“From the Crystal Down?” Sain asks.

“Yes, from the Crystal Down,” I answer.

“We'll stay here then, it's not like we can help you with that.”

“I'll be right back,” I leave for the Crystal Down.

At the Down, I scan for Continuous Magic Crystals. I walk aimlessly across the down. I find some Continuous Magic Crystals of Cold. Nice, I can make a fridge with this! But this isn't what I'm looking for…

Eventually, I find a little stream that I follow to its source. Lucky me! Continuous Magic Crystals of Magic Water! More than enough to create a stream. I pocket them into my Infinite Storage. I still have time, so I continue walking aimlessly for a while.

Oh, that's a nice cozy heat! I find more Continuous Magic Crystals of Heat. I could make a big bath in my Magic Space! I can cool down the excess water and use it to water the tree. I store those crystals as well. I return to the cave. I meet Matt and Seth who are still sparring.

“Oh, you're back. Did you get the crystals you need?” Matt asks.

“Yes, I did,” I go back into the Magic Space.

Sain and Silas have already dug some trenches.

“I wasn't away that long?”

“This is just some basic gardening. Did you get what you needed?” Sain says.

“Yes, I did. Though I changed my mind about some details.”

“What details?”

“I want to put in a bath here. I figured if I put a large one here, I can use whenever I like.”

“Isn't that overdoing it? Most people that can make Magic Spaces just have a basic camp in there…”

“Why just a basic camp?”

“I don't know. There are not many people that can use Space Magic.”

“I see. Anyway, those trenches you made are coming in handy.”

I take some sand from my Infinite Storage to create a Big Pool about height with steps to sit in it. One big enough for all of us. There should be three pillars in the centre where I can place the crystals. Of course, I need an overflow spout in the direction of the trench as well.


The Pool forms, along with the pillars. I take out more sand to make a coating of glass.


The red glowing glass slowly spread across the whole construction. I set the crystals in the same arrangement as I have in my bathroom. Hot water starts filling the pool. On the outside of the pool, just below exhaust spout, I place some Continuous Magic Crystals of Magic Water. I wait for the water to overflow the tube and check the temperature of the mixed water.

“As expected, it's a tad too warm to water plants.”

I place some Continuous Magic Crystals of Cold in the path to the trench. I check the temperature again.

“This feels about right, what do you think?”

Sain checks the temperature.

“Maybe a little colder…”

I add another Continuous Magic Crystal of Magic Water.

“That feels about right…”

“What's the matter, Sain? You seem deep in thought.”

“I wanted to teach you something as well. But I wonder if there's anything I can teach you at all…”

“What are you talking about? I'm just improvising here!”

“I see. So you don't know any spells?”

“Only those that I have discovered.”

“I see… I'll prepare something for the next visit. Thanks a lot!” Sain's mood improves.

“No, I have to thank you. Since the big bath is ready how about we enjoy this later?”

“Sounds great.”

Sain volunteers to make food today, so leave some meat and groceries with him. After lunch, I go the check the trenches. The water level is not too high, and it even reaches the opposite end. Great! I leave the Magic Space and I spend the rest of the day sparring with Silas.

Like yesterday, he pushes me relentlessly. But I can keep up. Barely. Eventually, I feel confident enough to counterattack. Of course, he just guards against it like it's nothing. Damn… I continue trying…

“Huff, In the end, I still can't land a single hit on you. Pant, maybe I should try again as a cat!”

“That punch this morning… I wasn't prepared for it, but still, it was quite something. I can still feel it.”

“You can still feel it? Are you okay?”

“Yes, it's just the memory. I'll need to start watching my back against cats now.”

We both laugh.

After dinner, we all go to the new bath.

“This feels great,” Matt exclaims.

“I agree, <purr>”, I answer.

I just can't stop myself from purring. At this point, I just don't care about the purring anymore. The bath feels so great! It's as if energy is flowing back into me.

“It's nice to have all of us in a bath when we're not in the castle for a while,” Seth says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, that's the issue when you're around me. Not all of us can be unarmed at the same time. So usually one of them keeps watch when the rest is bathing,” Matt explains.

“I see.”

“In your case, a Magic Space is a very safe space. Since it's impossible for people don't trust to enter,” Sain adds.

“They can't? That's great. So that would make travelling much easier.”

“You are planning on travelling?” Matt asks, “When will you go?”

“Oh, right. Today, I heard you will be becoming an adventurer for a while when you come of age. I think I'd be joining you when that happens.”

“You will?”

“If you'll have me, of course.”

“Gladly. I'll be in your care. I'll introduce you to the others in the group next time.”

“I hope I'm not drawing all too much trouble. I'll be in your care.”

“Since that's settled, we just need to keep training the two of you,” Seth says.

“Please don't overdo it…” 

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