Registration at the Adventurers' Guild

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Text to Speech:

We arrive at a shop. Here, I notice I have a problem: I can't read the sign…

“Are those letters?” I ask.

“Oh, you're…” Silas starts, then stops, “how about we arrange for some lessons for you? You'd have to come to the capital for those though.”

“I'm happy to take you up on that. I'm confident I can learn.”

“I'll get back to you the next time we come to visit you.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“It's OK. It's good we can get you lessons before you start adventuring. You don't need to be literate at the beginning. But later, it's better if you are. Just by then, those lessons can really get in the way of the work.”

“You sound like you're talking about the first-hand experience,” I answer.

“Yes, it was awful. I don't want to think of it,” Silas grumbles.

“Let's go in,” Seth says.

We enter the store and are greeted by a Dwarf. He's about my height and has quite a beard. I check my interface to check his race, and it's actually Dwarf. So Neotes and Dwarves are different races in this world.

“Welcome. What can I do for you?”

“Good afternoon, those two have finished their subjugation and we're here to get THAT,” Seth answers.

“I see. So where the material?” the Dwarfs answers.

“Swift, can you give him the hide and the claws?”


I get the hide and claws from my Infinite Storage.

“So you can use Infinite Storage? That's a rare gift! But it also makes my job easier. But you must be tired of being kept in the dark! Let me explain: it's a common tradition to make a good luck item for people finishing their first subjugation. It's commonly made from the monster they killed.”

“I see,” I answer.

I hand the items to the dwarf. Examines it for a while.

“This… This is Giant Rabbit hide! Is this the one the oracle was about?”

“Yes, it is,” Seth answers.

“I see,” the Dwarf turns to me, “since I already know Matt's size, I only need to take your sizes.”

He leads me into a room and measures me. He's taking quite a while which I find unusual. But eventually, he finishes. I get dressed and get back to the front.

“… suggestion,” I hear Matt say. He sees me coming and acts as if nothing has happened. I feel like I have caught a hint of some surprise I'm going to get. I should play along and feign ignorance.

“It'll take about two weeks,” the Dwarf says.

“See you in two weeks. Have a nice day!” Matt says.

He sees us off and we leave the store.

“Time to go to the Adventurers' Guild!” Seth says.

We arrive at a building that looks like a bar, the sign outside has a quill on it. We enter the building. From the inside, it also looks like a bar. Unlike a regular bar, however, there is a prominent office area with boards and counters.

It's the late afternoon, so the guild is somewhat filled but still mostly empty. Most of the adventurers stand in front of the bulletin boards. The pin boards seem to be colour-coded. The clerk is sitting on the table. She has bunny ears. She wears a pink cap with feathers attached to it. See sees us coming in and waves at us to greet us.

“Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild. What can I do for you?”

“We're here to register as adventurers,” Matt answers.

“I see,” she get off the counter, “please fill out these forms. Do you need an amanuensis?”

“No, I don't,” Matt says.

“Yes, please!” I answer.

“I see,” she pulls a feather from her hat and hands it to Matt with a form. So the feathers on her hat were actually quills! She gets another form and starts asking questions.

“Can I have your name please?”

“Sure, my name is Swift Mittens.”

“How old are you?”

“I'm currently X (ten) years old.”

“You're quite young, aren't you?”

“The guild master told us to come here.”

“Ah, I see! I heard about it. Good job!”


“So, that's all the required information. The other information is not required. But some info about your specialization is recommended.”

“Can I give ‘intelligence specialist’ as specialization?”

“Sure. That's not a problem. It just has to describe your abilities without revealing your hand too much. With this, we're done with the registration.”

Matt hands her his form.

“Thank you. Since you're all underage, you'd usually need to pass a battle assessment. But with the guild master's authorization, you're exempt from that.”

She put two translucent cards on the counter.

“I need a drop of blood on those cards to attune these cards to you.”

She gives us a needle each. I poke in my left index finger and let a drop fall on the card. The card shines for a brief moment and turns red copper.

“By the way, I'm Lynette Taru, a Kouniklanthrope. Since you're just registering for formalities, I will just explain how Guild Cards work: the have your name, your party affiliation, and your specialization on it. The colour of the card is your current rank. You're currently bronze rank. These cards can also serve as your identification. Please don't lose those! Reissuing them costs money depending on your rank but at least one Gold Coin.”


“Yes,” she picks up my card, “if someone who's not their owner holds the card for more than X (ten) seconds it turns translucent.”

Just as she says it, the card turns completely translucent. She gives me my card back.

“But if you get it back, it will become the correct colour again.”

And it does turn back to bronze.

“Can I have your cards for a minute to record your feat? Also, I'll make a note on your cards so you'll get your full orienteering when you actually start adventuring.”

I give her my card and she put it into recess on her side of the counter. Then, she taps a metal plate on her counter and letters appear on the plate as if that plate were a tablet! I wonder how it works… After tinkering a while, she gives me back my card. I put it into my Infinite Storage. And repeats the same procedure with Matt's card. Since we're done here, we leave the building.

Matt's group escorts me to the western gate.

“Thanks for taking me along.”

“We're glad to have you. Will you find you way back?”

“Don't worry, I'll manage. Goodbye, until next time.”

“Until next time.”

I show my guild card to the guard and make my way towards the forest. When I'm far enough from the city the Bunnyflies make themselves visible again. When we arrive at the cave, I pour the Bunnyflies another bowl of maple wine.

«I hope you weren't too bored.»

It's already dark outside, but it's still early so I figure I should try experimenting some more. I should try getting the hang of the Feline Form transformation.

I close my eyes and I imagine turning into a cat. When I open my eyes, I'm the height I was yesterday morning. My clothes have fallen off me. Can I transform without closing my eyes? I try. It works. Without bothering to get dressed, I try transforming into a cat while I jump on to my bed. I can barely make it in time and my footing is slightly off, but it works. Transforming is tiring… I should just drop here on my bed… and sleep… 

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