Sky Salmon and Sky Salmon Stew

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Text to Speech:

The next day, I wake up at about 0E:00 (eleven bells). I don't have much to do today. So I'll continue testing what I can do with my Feline Form. I haven't checked the state of the Evergreen Forest yesterday, so I open a portal to that Magic Space.

“Gate: Evergreen Forest!”

The known smokey portal appears and I enter the space. I just can't shave off that fear the humidity in this place would be too high. But the air feels OK — I don't how it exactly works, but it doesn't matter. I walk over to the edge where we planted the trees. The soil below my paws is moist, not too wet. Content with the state of the Evergreen Forest, I leave the Magic Space and close the portal by cutting off the Mana supply.

Let's take a stroll in the forest! When I leave the cave, I see clouds are gathering. It's probably going to rain today. The forest is noisy. The birds are more or less screaming. As if the world is about to end… My stomach tells me to return to my cave soon, but I ignore it and stay. Suddenly, everything is silent. What happened?

Then… it starts pouring… Yuck! The rain feels nasty! No wonder cats are afraid of water. I hurry back to the cave. When I arrive I'm soaking wet. Yuck! How do I shake the water off? Like this? No, that's too slow. I try again. Faster. Faster! Ahh, I'm back to being dry.

But what do I do now? I don't want to go out, not with this weather. And there's nothing to do here… I throw myself into bed, close my eyes, and try dozing off. Yeah, with this weather nothing beats sleeping!

When I wake up again, I can still hear the heavy rain falling… I yawn. It's back to sleeping, I guess. I close my eyes again and continue sleeping.

I wake up again, I can still the rain but it's not as heavy as before. I decide to try to take another stroll in the forest. I leave the cave and climb a tree. Well, I jump up into the trees, at least I try to. It takes me several tries to get it right. I need to get used to doing this in feline form. I jump from treetop to treetop. Surprisingly, I get the hang of it quite fast.

I go from the eastern part of the forest to the southern part as I encounter salmon flying about. Salmon flying in the air! I want to rub my eyes, but that doesn't work since I'm still a cat. I analyze the fish.

Sky Salmon

This fish usually dwells in the skies. Sometimes, weakened Sky Salmon can be found near the ground after heavy rainfall.

Did they drop to the ground level because the air pressure changed? No, by that logic, they'd have to drop down here before the rain. Or have they been resisting the fall and dropped down to this level after they ran out of stamina?

Anyway, it's time to catch some fish.

“Chain Lightning!”

Ouch! That hurt! I've zapped myself… It's still tingling… So using Lightning Magic in the rain is a no-go… So what do I do instead? Let's try lasering them!


I hit several Sky Salmon with that single shot. They drop to the ground. The air smells like burnt flesh. I should be careful about where I shoot this spell. I continue shooting them. After hitting several dozen of them, I jump off the tree I was standing on and collect the dead Sky Salmon into my Infinite Storage. If only I had some Nori and rice… I bet this salmon would make some great sushi! Maybe I can find some in the city. I add “Making Sushi” to my bucket list.

I'm starting to get hungry. It should be about time for dinner. Let's try to make some salmon stew! I return to the cave. I shake my fur dry and turn back into my Ailuranthrope shape and get dressed.

I take out one Sky Salmon from my Infinite Storage. I get my short blade and run it on the outside of the salmon to descale. My glass knives would probably shatter if I tried descaling a fish — I don't want glass shards in my food, so I'm not going to even try to see if they would really shatter. I should get a real kitchen knife or a multi-purpose knife. I cut open the salmon and paunch it. Then, I carefully trim the meat of the spine.

I cut the chunks down to palm size. I wished I had some pineapples to go with this. But I don't so it's time to improvise. I put the fish fillets into a pot along with vegetables and spices. I pour in some vinegar for the sourness, too. I bring the pot up to boiling temperature and let it simmer for a bell or two.

It's tasty, but with the proper ingredients, it'd be so much better! I really need to source ingredients. 

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