A Shopping Trip Gone Wrong

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Text to Speech:

A few days later, I make my way to the capital for a shopping trip. I show my guild card to the guard — he's a very nervous Kouniklanthrope — and enter the city.

“You're way too young to have a card! Whom did you steal it from?!” I hear a shrieking voice yelling. I turn towards the voice. A Hume woman, she's got quite the hairdo, looks condescendingly at me. This smell like trouble…

“This is my guild card. It would…”

“You're lying! No way filthy demihuman your age could get something like that!”

A racist… this exactly why I think being around other people is such a drag…

“Seriously, a guild card…” I'm interrupted yet again.

“Stop lying!”

“Is something amiss?” the guard that just let me in left his station.

“Arrest this boy! He's stolen someone's guild card!”

“B-but… that card is…” the guard stutters.

“Don't you know who I am? Do as I say or I'll make sure you'll lose that pathetic job of yours!”, the woman yells.

“Lady, you're being unreasonable,” a Hume girl about my age comes to our help.

“Quiet, lass, don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!” the woman just brushes the girl off like that.

“I could say the same to you, Lady Luket. You. Are. Being. Unreasonable!” the girl exclaims loudly but still not threatening.

“How dare you address me like this?! Respect your elders!” the woman yells.

“Respect is something you earn, Lady Luket. Yelling doesn't earn you any respect,“ I hear Matt's voice, “you'd better stop this.”

“I am trying to have this lowly demihuman thief arrested. And you are getting in the way!” she yells at Matt.

Matt sighs and takes out a pocket watch. He exclaims: “With my authority of being the Second Prince, Guard Captain Seth, arrest Lady Luket for public disturbance, violation of the Banned Terms Act, discriminating wrongful accusation and harassing a state guest. Also have Lord Luket suspended until the trial. Send a messenger to him to convey the news.”

Why has this trip gone so wrong…

“At once,” Seth answer and addresses the Kouniklanthrope guard, “you heard the Second Prince. Please help me escort Lady Luket to her cell.”

The guard salutes and helps drag the woman away. She's screaming profanities as she's being dragged away. All while the crowd that has started gathering is cheering.

“Isn't this overkill?” I ask.

“No, it's not. She's been harassing non-Humes for quite a while… As you can see from the cheering, people around here are quite happy about her getting dragged away,” the girl answers. She then turns to Matt, “you said state guest. Would you kindly introduce us?”

I take a closer look at Matt's group. The girl has long ginger hair. There's also an Ailuranthrope boy with white hair and a Cynanthrope girl with dark skin and white hair with them.

“Of course. Kat, Luna, Pat, this is Swift Mittens. He's the keeper I told you about,” he answers and points to the Hume girl, “Swift, this is Katherine Farron, she's my fiancee.” He points to the other two, “and this is Patrick Boots and Luna Bella, my aides.”

“Pleased to meet you. Please call me Kat.”

“Pleased to meet you. Call me Luna.”

“Pleased to meet you. Call me Pat.”

“Pleased to meet you. Call me Swift.”

“So…” Matt addresses me, “what brings you here?”

“I figured I should sell some animal hides I have and buy some ingredients for cooking. While I appreciate you bring stuff to the forest, I decided I can't depend on you for everything. So I wanted to go shopping on my own before meeting you in a few days. After all, when we start travelling we should be able to depend on each other. But so far, my first solo trip to the capital hasn't been that uneventful as I had hoped. There is reason why I like keeping to myself in the forest.”

“Travelling? Ah, so you will be joining us,” Kat answers.

“I was going to tell you about it today. After all, I did not expect to run into Swift today. But since that incident just happened, you need to stay with us until that matter is settled. I hope you don't mind.”

“I take that over getting yelled at for no reason,” I laugh.

“You wanted to sell animal hides, didn't you? Let's go to the Gromli's shop.”

We move to the armour shop where we were two days ago. I enter the shop alone while the others wait outside.

“Welcome! You're way too early.”

“I have some animal hides I wanted to sell. I also wanted to buy an all-purpose knife and some kitchen knives if you have some.”

“I see, I'll buy them, but the price depends on the quality. You to know you could sell them at the Adventurer's Guild?”

“Is there a rule about it?”

“No, it's just outside the guild, you might get taken advantage of.”

“You seem to be a trustworthy person. I mean, you were introduced to me by Matt.”

“Yes,” we start laughing, “but be careful about who you trade with.”

I take out a few dozen hides from my Infinite Storage. The shopkeeper checks them carefully.

“How about 200 (two dozen) Tol for the whole stack? Plus a set of kitchen knives.”

I don't have any idea how money in this world works.

“Yes… I'll take it. Thanks.”

The dwarf gives me a bunch of copper coins and one silver coin. The copper coins are of two different shapes: the usual circular disc and a long Koban coin shape. Usually, you're supposed to count those now, aren't you? The dwarf notices my confusion. He sighs and tells me.

“Put them on the table. I'll help you.

This is a smallest coin, the Round Copper Coin. It's worth one Tol. 1 (), 2 (), 3 (), 4 (), 5 (), 6 (), 7 (), 8 (), 9 (), X (ten), E (eleven), 10 (a dozen), 11 (do-one), 12 (do-two), 13 (do-three), 14 (do-four), 15 (do-five), 16 (do-six), 17 (do-seven), 18 (do-eight), 19 (do-nine), 1X (do-deca), 1E (do-el), 20 (two dozen).

The next bigger coin is the Long Copper Coin. They're worth 10 (a dozen) Tol each. Starting with the 20 (two dozen) from before, 30 (three dozen), 40 (four dozen), 50 (five dozen), 60 (six dozen), 70 (seven dozen), 80 (eight dozen), 90 (nine dozen), X0 (ten dozen), E0 (eleven dozen), 100 (two dozen).

Finally, we have the Round Silver Coin. They're worth 100 (two dozen) Tol each. So that's 200 (two dozen) Tol. After this, there are also Gold, Mithril, and Orichalcum Coins each with round and long variants..”

“Thanks for the explanation!”

He hands me a set of kitchen knives as well. I put the knives and the money into my Infinite Storage.

“Usually I'd offer you an all-purpose knife as well, but can you wait till the end of the week?”

“Sure. Again, thanks for your help.”

“No, thank you for doing business with me. Those hides were almost perfect. You just need a good all-purpose knife. Please bring more if you have time. Is there something else I can help you with?“

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is,” I take out a bottle of Maple Wine from my Infinite Storage, “I was wondering where I can sell this.”

“That colour!” the dwarf exclaims, “I can smell a whiff?”

“Yes, sure.”

“This is Maple Wine! How did you get it?”

“I made it myself. It's my first batch.”

“Your first batch? I'll buy all you want to sell! By the way, my name is Glorindamli.”

Glorindamli? Didn't Matt call him Gromli?

“Nice to meet you. I'm Swift. At the moment, only my Bunnyflies and I drink that. So I just have four bottles I can sell. But if it sells well, I'll make a bigger batch.”

“I'm quite sure it'll sell. It's not as good at the stuff at home, but I'm sure the dwarves in town will like it. So this is your first batch… I'll buy the four bottles for one small Silver each, that's 400 Tol.”

“Isn't that too much?”

“It's a rarity around here, so it's justified.”

“If you say so.”

After exchanging four bottles of Maple Wine for money, I say goodbye and leave the shop. 

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