Matthew Sitnalta Ace Prosecutor

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Text to Speech:

Swift has just bought some vegetables and rice. Since he's done with his shopping we go to the castle. In the castle, we run into Aenwyn. Good, Aenwyn can distract Swift while I take care of the upcoming trial!

“Is that him?” she asks.

“Yes, it is,” I answer and turn to Swift, “Swift, this is Lady Aenwyn. Lady Aenwyn, this is Swift.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

“Lady Aenwyn, good to meet you. I was hoping you would teach Swift reading and writing and share your knowledge about magic, of course.”

Lady Aenwyn looks at me as if she's about to disagree. But upon looking in my eyes she doesn't.

“I… I'll see what I can do.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Thank you for your time,” Swift says. Lady Aenwyn leads Swift to her office.

“Now, let's meet with father. But before that, we need to make ourselves presentable.”

We move to our rooms to change into formal clothes and make our way to the throne room.

“Matthew, there you are! I heard you ordered the suspension of Lord Luket,” father says the moment he sees us entering the room. Lord Luket is in the room as well.

“Yes, I did,” I answer, “it's just a formality. I'm sure his majesty must have gotten the report about how I was forced to have his wife detained for multiple offences. Since it's his wife, it's standard protocol to suspend him until the trial is resolved.”

“I see,” father says, “from the formal way you're holding yourself, I also conclude you'll be the prosecutor for the trial and you're ready.”

“Yes, after all, my honoured guest was insulted,” I answer.

“As discussed before, I'll act a defence for my wife,” Lord Luket says.

“Since you insist, do as you please. Bring her in!” father commands.

The guards lead Lady Luket in. She glares at me as she moves next to her husband.

“We begin the trial. Prosecutor Matthew Sitnalta, begin.”

“The defendant, Lady Claire Luket, is being accused of public disturbance, violation of the Banned Terms Act, discriminating wrongful accusation and harassing a state guest,” I begin.

“What is the defendant's side on those matters?” father asks.

“The defendant insists on those allegations being unfounded,” Lord Luket answers.

“Then, let me present this letter of complaint we received recently from the Adventurers' Guild,” I hand the letter to father, “in the last few weeks, several adventurers were coerced into giving up their guild cards and those guild cards we delivered to the guild by servants of the defendant's house. All adventurers were able to describe the defendant as the perpetrator. When we encountered her in the act, we were trying to persuade the defendant from stopping her actions. As there was no opportunity to convince the defendant to stop, we decided on her arrest.” Take that!

Lord Luket has a look of defeat on his face. Lady Luket isn't convinced yet.

“Objection! The letter from Adventurers' Guild is not trustworthy!” she yells.

“Objection declined!” father gavels, “only Lord Luket who acts as your defense would be able to raise an objection. And even if he did, I have determined the letter to be real and valid.”

“We should give up, honey. Please accept the blame and properly apologize to everyone…” Lord Luket whispers to his wife.

“I am a strong proud independent woman, I'm not apologizing to some demihuman scum!” she yells. I can see her wig is slightly displaced.

The room becomes noisy. Lord Luket desperately tries quiet his wife but fails.

“Are you… planning on continuing like this?!” father asks. Father never shows his emotion in public. But his anger slightly shows. He always talks slower when he's angry and can't show his emotions.

Before Lord Luket can say anything, Lady Luket answers: “Yes!”

She takes her wig and throws in my face… This feels unpleasant but I shrug it off wordlessly.

“I declare the defendant guilty on all terms. I also declare the defendant guilty for contempt of the court. The summary verdict is: the defendant is sentenced to death. House Luket is to be stripped of their title and their land.”

Father gavels. Hard. It's plain visible he's angry. The room is in total silence. My plan was just to get them a fine so she'd stop that nonsense. I did not expect her to self-destruct in the trial. I feel a little bad for the now former Lord Luket. Now he lost everything due to this. He deserves better.

“Your Majesty,” Kat breaks the silence, “may I suggest a method of execution?”

“Go ahead, Katherine Farron.”

“As the defendant claims ‘I am a strong proud independent woman’ she can demonstrate that in the coliseum.”

“I agree, make it so!” he gavels again, “The court is adjourned. Lead Ms Luket to her cell. Everyone but the group of Prince Matthew leave the room.”

Everyone but my group and father leaves the room. It's total silence again.

“In all my years I have never seen anyone do that in a trial…” father says and sighs, “I don't mind much if people care less about etiquette when we're in private. But I can't let something this slide while I'm acting as the ruler.”

“We only planned to fine them,” I answer.

“I know,” father answers, “but Kathrine, even with all that happened, I'm surprised you'd suggest something like the coliseum.”

“The way she meant what she said really bothered me. I am a young independent woman and I'm not a douchebag. I'm not keen on this, but since I'm the one that suggested it I have the duty to watch what I caused…”

“Kat, you don't have to,” I answer. I really mean it.

“No, Matt, I'm not irresponsible.”

“I'll be there with you.”


Silence again…

“On the plus side, House Luket isn't going to cost us anymore…”

“Just what do I tell Swift…” I don't really know. I don't think I should tell him about what's happened. He might feel responsible for all of this.

“I'll spend some time with him and tell him after that,” Patrick says, “I should get to know him anyway, we are supposed to become a party soon.”

“I'll leave it to you then.”

I really don't want to think about what comes next… 

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