Slime Jelly Production Talks Before Dinner

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Text to Speech:

Pat called it Matt's office. But it looks more like a full apartment similar to the layout of my cave. The only difference is his main area being an office. Matt and Kat are already there. These also an older Hume in the room.

“Hey, how was your time with Lady Aenwyn?” Matt asks.

“Great, I learned a lot, thanks. How are things on your end?”

“I'm done for today. But I have some unpleasant business to attend to tomorrow. So I can't spend the day with you.”

“It's not your fault she was being unreasonable.”

“I know, but even so… Wait… how do you even about this?!”

“I told him about it,” Patrick calmly says.

“I've already told Patrick. Me being present there would just be me expressing my schadenfreude, so I'll refrain from spectating.”

“I see. You do know my father would possibly consider pardoning her if you were to ask him.”

“Me? Why me?”

“You are the keeper of the Crystal Down. While you don't have the power, you do have quite the influence.”

“I'll keep that in mind. I hear the schedule is quicker than usual. Is there a special reason for that?”

“She was constantly nagging and screaming profanities at the guards and other prison inmates. They asked to move forward the schedule before something happens.”

“I have to say I don't feel bad for her. However, I do feel bad for her husband. How is he coping with the situation?”

“I have given up on saving my wife,” the man answers, “I've realized anything is futile as long as she isn't willing to compromise.”

“I'm sorry to hear that,” I really am. You probably deserve better, “I don't want to be mean, but if she were to compromise…”

“I thank you for your kind offer, but knowing my wife, it's not going to happen. But I'll keep it in mind for the off case a miracle happens.”

“Lord Luket…”

“Prince Matthew, please call me Alexander, I don't have my title anymore.”

“Only if you stop calling me ‘Prince’!”

“<Sigh>… Yes, as you ask, Pr…, Matthew. People will probably not ask me to act as their defence in trials anymore. I'll probably take up cooking again,” Alexander says.

“You can cook?” Matt asks, “I didn't know you could do that!”

“I haven't cooked much since I married into House Luket. I have to brag, I used to make quite tasty treats,” Alexander explains.

“Swift also makes great food. That fruit jelly he made was really good.”

“Fruit jelly?” Alexander asks.

“It's just cooking fruit juice. Let it cool down a little and then mix it with Slime Jelly,” I explain.

“That's simple. I can only imagine how it the product would turn out…” he says.

“It's almost dinnertime, so I'll just get a little sample from my Infinite Storage for you to taste,” I give him a small cube fruit jelly.

“This is great!!” he exclaims, “is it alright to tell me the recipe?! You could earn a lot of money!!”

Let's begin the talks.

“It's nothing,” I answer, “there's so much more I want to make. But back to the jelly: I hear people just don't use Slime Jelly; it's being ignored by people.”

“You're right… and hiring adventures just to bring Slime Jelly isn't that viable.”

“How about cultivating Slimes? As far as I know, Slimes produce Slime Jelly when you feed them Fat,” I suggest.

“That's a good idea!” Alexander is excited. His excitement soon turns to despair though, “just too bad, I don't have to funds to start something like this anymore.”

“How about I give you the funding to start the project?” Matt suggests.

“But… I can't possibly ask this of you!” Alexander resists.

“I have a personal interest in the project, too. And I know you are a person who can make it work. Anything else is irrelevant. Even though I was planning on arranging some money for you from the start. This works better since I have another real motive.”

“But… thank you very much. I'll make it succeed,” Alexander is back to full vigour. He switches gears quite fast, especially for an old man like him.

“I'd be great if you the recipe would spread…” I say. Then it wouldn't be a strange food anymore.

“I'll make it happen.”

“About the method to get Slime Jelly, I don't mind if you keep it to yourself a little longer to make the production profitable,” I add, “also one hint about handling Slime Jelly: just melt it, but don't boil it. It won't turn back to jelly if you do.”

While we were discussing, the maids have brought in the food. After eating dinner, we move to the lounge and continue talking. Patrick sits next to me. He sways as if he's about to fall over.

“Are you OK?” I ask.

“I'm just a little tired. Helping with Lady Aenwyn's research was a bit draining,” he says.

“I can…” Kat begins but she stops are Patrick shakes his head.

“It's about Ailuranthropes,” I answer in his stead.

“I see…” Kat answers, “do your best.”

Patrick leans on my shoulder. I'm somewhat surprised, but I don't dislike it. So I let him.

“It's late. So I'll return tomorrow so we can write up an agreement on the Jelly,” Alexander says.

“Let's do that,” Matt answers.

“Goodbye,” I carefully wave as Patrick has fallen asleep on my shoulder. Alexander leaves.

“That's rare! Pat is usually quite averse against body contact,” Katherine says.

“Hard to imagine,” I say, “I meant to ask what you guys specialize in. I've gotten training from Silas as Tracker — my guild card says ‘Intelligence Specialist’. I also have some magic skills.”

“I'm a paladin,” Matt answers, “Patrick is our healer.”

“I'm a swordswoman,” Luna says. She still sounds very unemotional.

“I'm an attack magic-user,” Kat says.

“I'll do my best.”

I carefully move Patrick off my shoulder. Matt puts a blanket on him.

“I wonder what you guys did… I've never seen him so worn out,” Matt says.

“I'd like to tell you, but Patrick told me it's improper for Ailuranthropes to talk about certain things,” I answer.

Matt shows me to a guest room before he leaves for his own room.

“Gate: Evergreen Forest!”

I enter my Magic Space and take out my set of kitchen knives and some Sky Salmon from my Infinite Storage. I descale the Salmon and put both the descaled Sky Salmon and the scales back into my Infinite Storage. I continue until I finish descaling all the Sky Salmon. I hope this is enough to cover for Patrick's and my Magic Yarn needs…

I return to my room and go to sleep… This bed feels way too comfortable. <Purr>… 

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