The Second Day At Tatilans Castle

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Text to Speech:

After lunch, we're back to Matt's office. Kat looks quite pale. Matt doesn't look that good either.

“Was it that bad?” I ask.

“I don't want to talk about it,” Matt answers, “I feel a little better after throwing up…”

“My bad,” I answer.

“Prince Matthew and Lady Katherine have been like that since Ms. Luket as eaten alive by a Big Slime,” Luna expressionlessly says.

Hearing that, Kat throws up into a bucket.


“Luna… please be more considerate!” Patrick says.

“I will try not to mention the dissolving of the convict again,” she answers.

Kat throws up again. So Luna is the person to go to if I need hard, objective opinions.

“Patrick, can you prepare the documents with Alexander? I can't stomach to think about it right now,” Matt asks, “he goes by Alexander Kale now. The former head of the house Luket made a fuss and tried to pin the blame on Alexander. As a result, Alexander cut all ties to house Luket before the execution of his ex-wife. His children have all come of age already, so there's no problem on that end.

There's just one problem: it seems all people of that house are hardcore Hume supremacists…”

“Are they under supervision?” Patrick asks.

“No, even if they were to defect to another country, it's no loss. Alexander is on our side. Supervision would be a waste of resources.”

“I'll draw up the documents with him then.”

“Thanks, he should arrive soon.”

Patrick leaves the room.

“How was your second day at Tatilans Castle?” Matt asks.

“I'm progressing fast with learning how to read. Though I'm more interested in the book Patrick gave me. Apparently, it's in an Ancient script,” I answer.

“Oh, that book! Can you read its contents?”

“Not really. I'll have a look at it at some other time.”

“How's far have you gotten with writing?”

“I haven't even started with that yet.”

Matt gets a book from a shelf.

“Take this. It has the order on how to write the different characters. That way you can practise while you're in the forest.”

“Thanks, I haven't thought about it until now. How about you get our future party to my place next time?”

“Sure, I was actually planning on that this week, but that turned out differently.”

“At least we can pick up our order from the armour shop tomorrow.”

“Yes, I'm looking forward to that.”

“You've ordered something?” Kat asks. She starting to look better.

“Yes, it's something to commemorate our first monster subjugation,” Matt explains.

“Oh, you haven't had yours yet? What did you kill?” for some reason, Kat is all interested.

“A Giant Rabbit, the one from the revelation last week.”

“Wait, you were on the real subjugation?”

“Yes, why?”

“Mine was caught for me. And all that I had to do was kill it. My father told me that's how children of the nobility do it.”

“That feels like cheating…” Matt says.

“My first one was also caught for me,” Luna says.

Patrick enters with Alexander.

“Hey, we're done. We just need your signature,” Patrick says.

“I'll read over it,” Matt takes the document and reads it.

“We were just talking about our first subjugation. Apparently, some people get their first monster caught for them,” I inform Patrick and Alexander.

“It's a practice some wealthy houses do,” Alexander explains, “it all depends on the person who holds the item. If they think that's a good charm it should be okay. Some people that got their first subjugation caught for them have another made after slaying a monster themselves without the help of others.”

“Everything is fine,” Matt signs the document, “where should the farm be?”

“I'm thinking of the outside the capital, to the west,” Alexander answers, “I'd need to source some Slimes as well after the farm is built.”

“I'll share some of my Slimes at that time.”

“We'll keep in contact. Till next time.”

Alexander leaves.

Patrick sits next to me.

“The days have been quite busy… I could go for a dip in a nice hot bath,” Matt says.

“Is there one here?” I ask.

“Yes, it should be free now,” Matt answers.

“I'm going to hit the bath, too,” Kat says.

“Let's go then.”

As expected, it's gender-separated baths.

“Maybe I should get some separators installed in my bath…” I mumble while getting undressed.

“Couldn't just build a second one next to it?” Matt asks.

“I could do that, too,” I answer, “I'll see what I can do.”

We enter the bath.

“The bath feels so nice, <purr>.”

“I agree, <purr>,” Patrick answers.

“Come to think of it, I've never heard Pat purr,” Matt says.

“Most high-born Ailuranthropes think it's above them to purr,” he answers, “I've decided to show more of my feline side when we're amongst our group. It's kinda sad how many high born Ailuranthropes are so ashamed of their feline side. As if they're ashamed of being born an Ailuranthrope.”

“And the reason you only do that when we're amongst ourselves is?” I ask.

“It would be bad for Matt's image if I did that publicly now. You don't need to change since you're the keeper. Maybe people will start changing the way they think. After all, you've been chosen by the gods to become the keeper.”

“Is that what people think?” I ask.

“Yes, that's what they think,” Matt answers.

“I see…”

“I still think this bath can't compare to yours”, Matt changes the topic, “I can't put my finger on what's different. But your bath is much more relaxing and energizing…”

“That sure sounds great. I really want to see it,” Patrick says.

I want to show him immediately, but Matt signals me not to do so. So it's going to be a surprise for next week then. 

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