Making Sashimi and Gathering Fern

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Text to Speech:

Arriving at my cave, it's time to fully decipher that book. Luckily, my notes don't have an upper limit on the content. I've already forgotten the cipher I used before. I should have written it into my notes when before I went to sleep yesterday! I'm still not used to my skills…

I start deciphering the book from scratch again. In this case, it's harder since I might remember something from my attempts yesterday. But those could also be from the failed guesses I had too. So I need to ignore anything that comes to my mind that's not a result of any deduction.

It feels as if this takes hours… But I finally have the cipher, again. Now I can just translate the book into my notes. It's mindless typing, so I'll put it off for now.

I go to the kitchen and start cooking. I didn't get any seaweed or any replacement, so I'm making Sashimi for now. I take several of the Sky Salmons and use magic to freeze them. If I can cool them down to cold enough, it should kill any possible parasites.

“Absolute Zero!”

The fish is immediately frozen solid. Cloudy smoke flows from the fish to the ground. There's no blueish liquid, so there's no need to worry about oxygen explosions. I leave the fish to slowly thaw. While waiting I'm making rice. It feels like forever since I made rice without I rice cooker. Rice cookers were so convenient! While the pot with rice and water is heating up, I cut up some Barrots and put them into vinegar. The water is boiling so, I turn down the heat by moving the pot further away from the fire.

After a bell, I start cutting the Sky Salmon and put some rice into a bowl. I cut some Barrots too. I put the Barrot green on a plate and let the Bunnyflies eat. And I finally start eating myself. The Sashimi tastes as I expected. Soy sauce would be really nice!

After eating, I store everything I have over in my Infinite Storage. And start transcribing the book letter for letter with the cipher I have. It's quite a lot of text. I need to spread this over multiple days. After I'm done for the day, I go to the bath in the Evergreen Forest. Purr, a hot bath after sitting around for hours feels nice. I continue transcribing the next days. After a few days, I'm finally done. I read the notes.

The book — “How to Replace Terran Cooking Ingredients with Cratherion Ingredients” — is very detailed. After stating the name of the replacement ingredient, it describes where said ingredient can be found and how it needs to be processed to get the desired taste or effect.

I look up seaweed. Nice, I can use Futo Leaves for that. They even grow in the Southern part of Avan Forest! I can go there after Matt's group is gone. I still need to make an additional room for Katherine and Luna.

I create another room in no time at all. Next is creating a separate second bath in the Evergreen Forest. Since I'm already here, I lead my Slimes into the Magic Space to have them create Fertilizer. Those Slimes have evolved into Fertilizer Slimes. Using Earth Magic, I mix the fertilizer into the soil and I again speed up the growth of the trees by another month or two using Forest Magic.

I check the health of the trees, and they seem to do fine. The Tarry and Wooberry cultivation experiment is going well.

After that, I create a second bath and a wall separating the two. The bath is about half the size of the other bath. Since the wall is just a visual cover, it's relatively thin. I also add some walls to the front so you can't be seen while undressing if someone were to be coming in from the entrance. Some shelves for putting in your clothes would be nice too. So I add those, too.

Since I'm finally done, I take a bath like I do every day. Purr… So Matt's group should be coming the day after tomorrow… I think I can go gathering Futo Leaves tomorrow. I hope they are big enough so I can use them as I'm used to with Nori.

The next day, I go to the southern parts of the forest. I try finding trees I'm unfamiliar with. I analyze them, but I can't seem to find any Futo. Have they gone extinct?

My Bunnyflies are with me. For some reason, they just keep gathering around certain ferns.

«What's up, Faryl, Felix?», I ask.

«We found tasty plants!» they answer.

I pick a leaf and taste it. Yuck! It's bitter!

«Are you sure?», I ask, «It's bitter…»*

Glossary: Feno

It's harmless to eat. Despite the plant tasting bitter, Bunnyflies still like eating it. In fact, they even love it.

It's bitter, but yet it feels so nostalgic. I wonder why… But since the Butterflies seem to like it; I gather some and put it into my Infinite Storage. Then it hit me: what if Futo aren't trees? They could be ferns or shrubs!

I scan my surroundings again. Finally, I find what I've been looking for: red ferns.

Glossary: Futo

Futo leaves are edible. They grow everywhere, provided the needed humidity. They are rarely used in cooking. But they are said to be healthy, especially for Ailuranthropes.

Healthy for especially for Ailuranthropes? That's a welcome surprise! I collect some Futo leaves. After gathering enough to make multiple servings of Sushi, I make my way back to my cave.

I'll postpone the Sushi cooking until tomorrow when Matt and the others come. I think some of them might be averse to eating raw fish, so I take a detour and hunt a boar.

After bringing it back to my cave, I start preparing it so I can cook it tomorrow. After waiting for my Blood Slimes draining the blood, I start dismantling it. Dismantling is so much easier with the knife Glorindamli made for me!

I put all the things I harvested into my Infinite Storage and give the rest to the Slimes to eat. Most of the evolved Slimes aren't interested in the entrails, only the unevolved ones and the Fertilizer Slimes are. None of the Slimes seem hungry, so I don't need to find extra food for them.

It's been a busy day, I take a nice hot bath in the Evergreen Forest and get to bed. 

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