Hot Spring After a Trip in the Rain

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Text to Speech:

A while later, the rain has noticeably calmed down.

“I think we should move soon,” I tell the others.

“Where are we going to?” Kat asks.

“The forest, somewhere in the southern parts,” I answer, “I can't guarantee it, but if you're lucky, you get to see something special.”

“If Swift says it's something special, it must be something truly special!” Matt jokes.

The group puts on their rainwear and we leave the cave. We walk through the forest to the southern parts of the forest. There's nothing at the location where I found the Sky Salmon. We continue strolling around. Eventually, we encounter a school of tuna flying in the air near the ground.

“Sky Tuna?!” even Luna seems to seem shocked.

“So it's Sky Tuna this time…” I mumble.

“This time?!” Katherine asks.

“Why are you disappointed?! It's Sky Fish!” Matt asks, “They are rarely ever seen! I've never seen any kind of those…”

“Neither have I…” Luna adds.

“So this is where you got them…” Patrick mumbles.

“Yes, last time, I encountered a school of Sky Salmon. I'm not such a fan of tuna…” I mutter.

I think a dozen or so should be plenty. Let's shoot only a few at a time.

“Laser! Laser! Laser! Laser!”

The hit fish drop to the ground. Again, it smells like burnt flesh. I collect them into my Infinite Storage.

“That should be enough for all of us. Besides, I still have some Sky Salmon from last time.”

“Don't you usually need a reinforced net to catch these?” Silas asks.

“That's what I've heard,” Alexander answers, “I've heard Swift is somewhat special. But I didn't think he's that special…”

“That's also some unusual magic you used! Was that Fire Magic?” Patrick asks.

“No, it's Light Magic,” I answer.

“Light Magic? Light Magic is capable of something like this?!”

“With a few tricks, yes. To be honest, it's more theory than trickery…”

I wonder if he'd understand it if I try to explain it…

“Can you teach me that spell later?!” Pat is very excited — his ears are twitching. Oh, right! He thought Light Magic would be unsuitable for attacking purposes…

“Hmm… I'll try, but I'm not sure if I can explain it properly… So don't expect too much!”

“Anything would be great!”

“Patrick! Please calm down!”

“Oh… sorry. I got a little excited there,” he glances to the side and apologizes.

“Don't worry about it. It's not like I can't understand why. Let's go back!”

We return to the cave. I don't know about the others, but after that trip in the rain, I'm freezing.

“It's good to be somewhere warm again!” Matt says, “but do you know what's best after a trip in the cold rain?”

“Of course!” I answer with a big grin, “a hot bath!”

I guess Matt feels the same as I do.

Gate: Evergreen Forest!”, I open a portal to my Magic Space, “since I knew Kat and Luna would be coming, I've added the second bath in the Evergreen Forest. I also added changing rooms. We can enjoy this artificial hot spring all at the same time!”

“That's nice…” Kat answers, “but don't you dare peek!”

Everyone but me goes to their room and gets some change of clothes. As they return, we enter my Magic Space.

Silas looks around, “the trees have grown. It seems the plants are growing well. Do you still use magic to speed up their growth?”

“Yes, I do. Though, I'm taking it slowly. I only make them grow a bit after adding more fertilizer to the soil. I can feel the trees are healthy. So I think it's the right approach.”

“This is… an orchard surrounded by trees?” Alexander exclaims, “you called it Evergreen Forest — it's a very appropriate name.”

We split up, go to the changing area, undress and enter the bath.

“Ahh… This feels nice!” Pat exclaims.

“This bath feels even better than the one the palace, don't you agree?” Matt says.

“I concur,” I hear Kat answering, “this feels more invigorating than the bath at the palace.”

“Is it alright not to have someone on watch duty?” Alexander asks.

“Sain said it's OK. Apparently, Magic Spaces can't be entered without the explicit trust of the owner.”

“So the only danger is being ambushed when leaving the space?”

“Yes, but I'm sure they will be able to manage.”

“So basically, we should bring our gear here as well, just to be sure,” Matt adds.

“That'd be best,” Alexander answers.

“Though if you have the money to spare, you could also just have a spare set of gear stored here,” I add, “that or give them to me so I can put them in my Infinite Storage.”

“Oh, right, you do have Infinite Storage…” Matt answers, “having you with us makes things so easy. It feels like cheating…”

“If you do feel like that why don't adjust your aims accordingly?” Alexander suggests.

“Your aims?”, I ask.

“Usually, I would just aim to get a Gold rank,” Matt explains, “Maybe we should aim for Mithril…”

“Gold? Mithril?”

“Oh, right, you didn't receive an explanation on how guild ranks work.”

“Let me explain then,” Alexander adds, “there are 1X (do-deca) ranks. The lowest rank is Bronze-X (ten). From there, you promote through Bronze-10 (a dozen) up to Bronze-5. After that, you promote through Silver-4 up to Silver-1. After that, the ranks are Gold-1 to Gold-3. And after that, the ranks are Mithril-4 to Mithril-6 to Orihalcum-7 to Orihalcum-E (eleven), then finally, there's Black-10 (a dozen). Orihalcum and higher ranks are very rarely ever issued. The reason the numbers meet in the middle is starting with Gold ranks, adventurers are considered having a stable income.

Usually, royals that become adventurers for a while when coming of age, aim for a Gold rank to prove they can make a stable income as an adventurer. But there is no rule that says it has to be the goal, you can always aim lower or higher.”

“I see…”

So ignoring the numbers, the ranks go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Mithril to Orihalcum and then to Black.

After soaking in the bath for a while, we return to the cave.

“I forgot to ask, but are you okay with eating raw fish?” I ask.

“Raw fish? Isn't that risky? Sometimes people become ill after eating raw fish,” Kat answers, “though I've heard there are some people who like to eat it that way…” 

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