Divine Problems Transcending Realms

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Text to Speech:

“So is that…” I begin to ask.

“The reason for the strained relations?” Matt finishes my question, “no, it's not. If that was all the relationship would be so much better! It's a problem with their currently most influential religion: the Order of Light, they believe in the deity of Light, Nuh. Just to clarify, believing in other deities is not the problem. But they believe Glanuh is an evil corruption of their god, and they keep demanding us to ban the worship of Glanuh and adopt the worship of Nuh. Furthermore, they see Dark Magic as inherently evil and demand those that have a talent for it to be executed.”

So even in a world where gods openly influence the world, there are conflicts over religion… That light sect sounds quite dangerous.

“As far as we know, the Order didn't have those extreme views before,” Alexander continues Matt's explanation, “there used to be another denomination in Krale, the Faith of Darkness. They worship the Deity of Darkness, Glan. Both churches existed without major problems for a long time. There's the denomination we belong to, the Insight of Vision. But they are close to nonexistent in Krale. There were some scuffles, of course, but according to our intel they never outright declared the other party as evil. Something changed when the Order of Light rose to power a few years ago and had the priests and followers of the Faith executed. Lately, things have been strangely tranquil between the countries. They say the heir to the Order has gone missing.”

“So Glan and Nuh. And Glanuh. Sounds like the duality of Light and Darkness,” I mumble. Where did that come from? I can't recall ever hearing or reading about that!

“Duality? What are you talking about?” Matt asks.

“Light cannot exist without Darkness. Just as Darkness cannot exist without Light. If you look at Light and Darkness close enough, they're similar. Minor details might differ, but it's more or less the same. Also, you can't really choose one over the other. We need light to be able to see. But we also need darkness to able to see.”

It makes sense, but where am I pulling this knowledge from? Is that part of my skill in Light and Dark Magic?! That last part makes somewhat sense. Without the absorption of light, everything would be the same bright white. That aside, I'm interested in Glan and Nuh. I wonder if my Mystic Eye of Knowledge has some info on them…

Glossary: Glan

Glan is one of the two Subordinate Deity to Glanuh and twin to Nuh. Glan primarily administrates the Night and all aspects of Dark Magic. Their symbol is the moon.

Glossary: Nuh

Nuh is one of the two Subordinate Deity to Glanuh and twin to Glan. Nuh primarily administrates the Day and all aspects of Light Magic. Their symbol is the sun.

So they are subordinate deities. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet them.

“But if Light and Darkness is more or less the same, doesn't that mean Light Magic and Dark Magic is similar too?” Pat asks.

Now, my feeling tells me it's possible, but it's also quite dangerous.

“Hmm, I haven't tried that. But now that you mention it, it would make a lot of sense. I'd have to do some experiments for that. But those are better kept for when fewer people are around.”

“That makes sense.”

The rain finally stops. We're done eating.

“Thanks for the food! It's been great!”

In an endless white room, three people are sitting around a stone table. They all wear a worried expression.

“So he has to have gotten used to living in this world,” the male Hume says.

“Yes, Taron, that seems to be the case,” the male Ailuranthrope answers.

“Still, what was Flux thinking reincarnating him without any reason?! Sure, it's been a while since the last otherworlder. But we don't particularly need one right now! And then there's them giving out skills and traits like that?! And in that number?! We're lucky this one is so docile!” the female Neotes sighs.

“You're right, Clayah… But there is still a problem…” a robed figured enters. Their features are hidden in the robe. They take a seat at the table. They barely audibly mumble, “a divine problem. With that many skills… I foresee it will cross the threshold…”

“So you have noticed him already, Ukota?” Taron greets the arriving person, “how long do we have? Not that I particularly care. But still, he ought to enjoy his life while he still has it. I mean, Flux went through the trouble of reincarnating him.”

“According to my estimate, several dozen years. It'll take longer if he makes more familiars.”

“We could suggest him to get some more…” Clayah answers.

“Yes, please do that discreetly. Also, give him some work to do!” Taron commands.

“As you wish, Taron. What about something in Suscellu's Domain? They seem to be a good fit.”

“I think I could say the same about anyone's domain. But I sure could use a subordinate,” Suscellu answers.

“I did not expect you to agree to this readily. You usually reject any candidate I suggest without even thinking about it,” Taron adds.

“I like this one. The ones you usually suggest are way too uptight. I can't see them enjoying a good cup of wine.”

“I just don't like drunkards.”

“Enjoying wine doesn't mean being a drunkard…”

“Yes, yes, we've had that argument before. It's your domain, so do whatever you want. So it shall be.”

“Since that is decided, there one more thing…”

“What is it?” 

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