Enter Lecarvi the Bard

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Text to Speech:

After Matt and the others left the forest, I take a walk to the southern part of the forest. I want to make a new batch of Maple Wine before I go on the next trip to the capital. I look for the tree I've tapped for maple sap. After walking around for a half a bell, I finally find the tree. But it's not only the tree I find.

There's a female Kouniklanthrope sitting there drinking the sap from a horn. She has a flower bud in her hair. Even though I'm in hiding as always it seems as she has noticed me approaching. See adjusts her ears towards my direction. But I'm basically moving silently!! She shouldn't be able to pick up my presence.

“Good morning!” she calmly says, “did those belong to you? It smelled so tasty I simply couldn't help myself.”

I show myself. She jumps a little in surprise. So does she have some skill or trait just like Matt that gives her the ability to guess by presence? I mean, she was still surprised by me showing myself…

“Good morning. Yes, that was mine… It shouldn't matter that much if you just took a little.”

I quickly get a glance of her character info.

Character Info

Name:Lecarvi Sylvilagus

Titles & Blessings

  • The Wandering Bard


  • Enhanced Intuition (Racial Trait: Kouniklanthrope)
  • Restless Limbs (Racial Trait: Kouniklanthrope)
  • Flower of Mood (Racial Trait: Anthrodryad)



  • Music Performance Level 6 ()


  • Blunt Weapon Mastery Level 6 ()

Magic Skills

  • Forest Magic Level 4 ()
  • Tool Enhancing Magic Level 4 ()

Survival Skills

  • Riding Level 2 ()
  • Foraging Level 6 ()

Enhanced Intuition, so I guess it's not as good as Matt's Super Intuition.

“Well…” she answers as her ear droop down. I don't like the sound of that, “… thing is… I kinda took a little too much.”

She shows me the empty bucket. A little too much?! There should have been at least half a pond of sap in there! Did she drink it? Oh wait, she did. I sigh. Then I notice the other empty buckets beside her. I sigh even more heavily. This is unbelievable…

“I guess I have to come back in a few days.”

“You're not going to starve because of me, are you? Come, let me hunt something for you!”

“I don't need…” I try to politely reject her offer, but I'm interrupted.

“I mean I took your sap so at least I can do that. Young boys like you need their meat!”

“Do whatever you want…” I give up. I'm not good at dealing with so pushy people. At least, this one is friendly.

About five minutes later, she has actually tracked down a boar. Now I finally notice she doesn't have any weapons with her. She only has something that looks like a guitar.

She charges towards the boar while grabbing her guitar at the neck.

“Musical Strike!”

She hits the boar on its head with the guitar. The boar immediately falls down. She has just beheaded the boar with that one hit! Contrary to my expectation, the guitar is still in one piece.

“Wha… what was that?!” I stutter.

“Musical Strike? It's a bard technique.”

“I see… Is that how bards usually fight?”

“Well, this is my version of it. Usually, my master used her instrument to launch arrows with that technique. But I'm no good with shooting arrows, so I just give them a smack with my trusty mandolin instead. The technique hardens the mandolin and its strings so they don't break. I don't know about other bards. I've never talked to other bards but my master. They are all my competitors. I don't care much about what they do. I have my own style. In both music and fighting.”

“I see.”

“You can bring this home to your family.”

“Thanks, but actually, I live by myself in the forest. –y name is Swift, Swift Mittens.”

“I'm Lecarvi, Lecarvi the Bard. You do? Isn't that dangerous? Living alone in the forest?”

“Not really, I have a safe place. And I can take care of myself. I do go to the capital from time to time to trade. That maple sap you annihilated is the basis for a product I manufacture.”

“I'm really sorry. But that product of yours sounds tasty.”


“It sounds tasty. I mean, the basis for the product is that sap. And that sap is tasty. So the product must be tasty, too!”

“It's nothing special,” I answer. Her ears are aimed at me and the flower in her hair is blooming. That's odd… I don't think I'm able to not talk about it, “It's Maple Wine.”

“Wine? That's a strange thing to make of it. Why not ale?”

“I don't have Huffin for that.”

“Huffin? Yes, you can use that, but you can use something else, too. Too bad I can't remember what it was. I should have listened to what my mother taught me.”

“So there is something else I can use for making ale?”

“Yes, there is. Now I vaguely remember something. Bunnyflies love that stuff. You just need to dissolve it in water, there's no need to process it like Huffin.”

I remember the taste of the Feno fern. Yes, now I know what it reminded me of. Like she's just said, I can use that as a replacement for Huffin!

“I see…” I answer, “thanks for hunting this. I'll take it. Since I don't have any business in this part of the forest anymore, I'll just go home then. Goodbye!”

Before she can answer I jump on top of a tree and move away. In case she can somewhat track me with her trait, I take a detour before getting home. I think that's should be enough to shake her off. Arriving at home, I grind one or two Feno leaves and open my last bottle of maple wine and in the Feno powder. I then close the bottle again. If this turns my wine into ale I should be done right? I analyze the bottle.

Maple Ale (Young)

This ale hasn't developed its beery taste yet.

I'm quite sure this is not how you make ale. I've got no idea how it works. But if this is all to make ale, I'll just do it this way. Since my plans of making more wine were foiled, I spend the rest of the day with getting some soil and fertilizer into my Magic Space. 

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