Mail Mirrors and Message Bottles

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Text to Speech:

“No, it's nothing. I just have a bad feeling about this whole thing. Anyway, it's great you'll be accompanying us.”

“Well, I've been thinking… it'd be great there was a faster way of contacting each other. I mean this time, it was a mere coincidence I was going to Tatilans, anyway. And I happened to meet Pat on the way.”

“I see,” Matt answers, “It never occurred to me. That would have been bad if you had missed each other. Well, the easiest would be using Mail Mirrors. All the guilds have those. They use them to exchange letters with each other. If it were just a matter of you living in another town, we could just use guilds' Mail Mirror service. Those artifacts are really expensive, so there's no way we can afford a pair just for private communication.”

“You could use Message Bottles instead,” Silas suggests, “Mail Mirrors can be connected to a network. Message Bottles can only be used as the pair you find them in dungeons. And unlike Mail Mirrors, they are relatively common and affordable.”

“Message Bottles?” I ask.

“It'd be better to demonstrate them,” Matt answers, “Pat, would you please get a pair really quick?”

“Sure, I'll be right back.”

Patrick leaves the room. We're waiting for him to return. Meanwhile, Matt pours some wine for Flynn to drink.

“Thanks for going with Pat,” he says.

“You're doing a terrible job of hiding you have a bottle for emergencies,” Kat suddenly mumbles.

“So you found out?” Matt answers, pouting.

“Found out is saying too much. It's a given you have one. I'd be very surprised if you didn't have at least one. You should have suggested Message Bottles in the first place. Suggesting Mail Mirrors just makes like you're avoiding the subject,” Silas answers instead of Kat.

“I see what you mean.”

“Anyway, it's common practice to take any bottle your captives may have on them. It's to make sure they can't communicate. You could smash them, but in your case, I guess smashing it would make the castle send out a rescue party.”

“Why would the castle send out a rescue party?” I ask.

“If you destroy one of the bottles, the other one of the pair shatters, too,” Matt answers.

I hear someone knocking.

“Enter!” Matt answers.

Patrick is back. He has two bottles with him. They have a colourless liquid in them. He hands them to Matt.

“As you can see, they are filled with water,” Matt explains.

He opens one of the bottles and pours out the water. He puts the empty bottle on the table. He then shows me the other bottle. It's empty, too.

“As soon as you put something in one of the bottles, you can see it in both. It can be removed through either bottle. A bottle filled with liquid can't transmit written messages. But if you disguise it, you can send a limited range of messages by doing certain things.”

“The most common thing for upper-class people is the destruction of the bottle means ‘request for rescue',” Kat adds, “It's the same for my bottle.”

“I see,” I answer, “so if anything that goes in can be taken out from either bottle, what would happen if a living being would enter it?”

“Nothing, it doesn't turn up in the other bottle,” Silas answers, “noises don't get transferred, too.”

“Anyway, this bottle is for you,” Matt says while giving me one of the bottles, “I'll keep the other one. I could have them taken care of by intelligence… but I'm sure you'd be more comfortable with me taking care of it directly.”

“Thanks for your consideration,” I answer. I put the bottle into my Infinite Storage. The next moment the bottle on the table shatters. Shattering is exaggerating it. It crumbled. Oh, damn it!

“I'm sorry, I didn't expect this to happen!”

“Neither did we. So putting it into Infinite Storage breaks bottles…” Pat answers. Over the table, I take the bottle from my Infinite Storage. As I expected, the bottle breaks too.

“Shouldn't we clean this up?” I ask.

“No, it'll vanish within one hour,” Kat answers.

“I see.”

“I'll get you another pair,” Pat says as he leaves the room again.

Shortly after, Pat returns with a new pair. Since I don't have a bag, Silas ties it with some robe to hang it from my belt.

“Now that's settled… we leave tomorrow?” I ask.

“Yes, that's the plan,” Matt answers.

“I need to prepare for the trip. Let's meet at Alexander's Farm at 09:00 (nine bells).”

“Let's do that!”

“I'll accompany you to the city gate,” Pat offers.

“Thanks. See you tomorrow! Bye!”

“See you tomorrow! Bye!”

As we reach the gate, Pat hands me a bundle.

“It's the clothes made from Magic Yarn. I took the liberty to get them for you.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“You're welcome.”

“So see you tomorrow! Bye!”

“See you tomorrow! Bye!” 

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