Alfred Jodocus Plumel

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Text to Speech:

I've made my way back to the Forest. I've barely entered the forest as get a really nasty feeling of cold coming down my spine. Very nasty. My mind tells me I should run away. I guess that's my Danger Sense again. I don't have the feeling it would kill me if I ignored it. But I should run away, anyway. Really fast.

Running away from whatever it is, I start jumping from tree to tree. I perceive small animals fleeing the same way. Looks like I'm running in the right direction. We get to the river. The animals climb up a tree and use the branches to flee to the other side of the river. And what do I do now?! I'm too heavy for those branches! Oh right, I could try to use my Feline Form! But the creature everyone is fleeing from is coming closer. I can already see what it is.

It's a big spherical chick?! It's spherical, very spherical. Basically, a ball of fluff with a face on the front and wings at its sides. It reminds me of a certain game featuring angry poultry. And this one is about the same height as I am! It's yellow, like a stylized chicken chick. And it's angry! At least I'm not a green pig that's been eating its eggs. It's gotten quite close, so I have nowhere to run. Out of other options, I observe it from above.

Glossary: Gold Plumel

While Plumel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness…

Before I can finish reading the glossary entry, the Plumel has already charged against the tree I'm currently standing on. I lose my balance and fall off the tree. I managed to land on the floor without any problem. Anyway, the Plumel seems to have fainted from the collision. I examine it closely and make sure it's not acting. I notice it has an arrow stuck in what I assume what its left wing is. Maybe this is the reason it's so angry! Hopefully, it will calm down after I remove this. I carefully remove the arrow and get back to reading the glossary entry.

Glossary: Gold Plumel

While Plumel commonly used as mounts and pack animals are bred, this specimen grew in the wilderness. Wild Plumel are very hard to tame. Gold Plumel are even harder to tame. It is said they are much faster and untiring than other variants. Like other Plumel, they prefer Tarry over any other fruit.

Good thing I have some Tarry in Infinite Storage left. I take out some and put it in front of the Plumel. After a while, the Plumel wakes up. It eyes the fruit. Its gaze alternates between me and the Tarry. After a while, it finally eats the fruits. I think this bird is big enough for me to ride. I imagine my energy gently touching and enveloping the Plumel. I stretch my hand towards it.

As before, fine strings of light of all colours appear from my hand and circle around the Plumel. They slowly approach it. It continues eating. Even as the strings touch it it's not retreating yet. The strings of light form a ball around the Plumel. The ball shakes several times. After the shaking, the ball is seemingly absorbed by the Plumel. Success! I hear a sound effect again.

Familiar Contract

The contract with the male wild Gold Plumel was successfully made.
Give the Gold Plumel a name: ________________________
OK Cancel

Hmm, what should I call you? I'm so uncreative with naming things… Chicken… No! Again, I won't call it chicken!

After pondering for longer than I want to admit, I decide to call it Alfred, Alfred Jodocus Plumel, similar to a famous cartoon duckling in my childhood. Even the only thing those two have in common is the chick yellow colour… and they're both poultry.

«Your name shall be Alfred. I hope we get along.»

«Thanks, master. I'm sure we will.»

Wow! He does sound like Alfred the cartoon duckling!

«Please climb on. I'll bring you wherever you need to go.»

«Are you sure? Aren't you hurt?»

«It's already healed, thanks to master.»

«I see.»

I climb onto Alfred and direct him to the cave. It's kinda hard not to fall off. But somehow I manage. I might need a saddle… 

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