The (Not Secret) Cow Level

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Text to Speech:

The village hasn't come into sight yet, but Luna suddenly stops her Plumel.

“It has already begun. There's a big fire ahead…”, she explains.

I try smelling the air. I can barely catch the smell of fire.

“I smell it too,” I answer, “though I can't tell how big it is.”

Pat nods.

“Let's hurry!”, Matt asks.

“Greater Speed!” I immediately buff our Plumel, “maybe we shouldn't have eaten breakfast in Ise after all.”

“No, there's not much we can do about the outbreak. And a mass panic in Ise would make more problems,” Matt answers.

Not soon after the village comes into view, I can see people running towards us. They're being chased by Minotaurs. So the cow level begins…


“Lesser Speed!” I buff the fleeing villagers. Then I buff our group. “Greater Full Potential! Greater Speed! Greater Fortify Armour! Greater Resistance! Strength! Magic Boost! Accuracy!”

Since that's done, I get my bow and quiver from my Infinite Storage.

“Refulgent Arrow!” Pat starts the fight by shooting a light arrow at the closest Minotaur.

A Minotaur charges towards Matt. Damn, that angle is not good at all. He should dodge!

“Shield Bash!” Matt instead deflects the charging Minotaur by not hitting it head on and sends it flying.

“Amazing Punch!” Sobe jumps off his Plumel and punches another one and sends it flying against the other one.

I analyze one of the Minotaurs.

Glossary: Proto-Minotaur

Unusually strong exposure to Mana changed this bovine into an artificial monster. With its confusion over its radically changed body, it attacks anything in sight. This creature is particularly weak against Ice Magic.

“It seems they're weak against Ice Magic,” I announce.

“Air Shot!” Kat blows another Minotaur away, “that's not helpful. I don't know any offensive Ice Spells.”

“I might as well try this out,” I mumble.

I imagine shadows a gathering in the form of a ball in my hand.

“Shadow Ball!” I shoot the black sphere towards the last Minotaur.

The ball hits it and pushes it back a bit. After the impact, the Minotaur collapses.

“Looks like it's working as I thought it would.”

Just as I've read from the Encyclopedia Magicka, the spell absorbs the life force of any target it hits.

“I can see why you said Dark Magic is dangerous,” Pat says, “as far as I can see it didn't do much physical damage. But you killed it, anyway.”

“Yes, the spell absorbs life force.”

, thank you,” one of the villagers says. He's out of breath.

“How many people are still in the village?” Matt asks.

“A few dozen have taken refuge in Stirlea's house, the others I don't know. I think they fled to the other direction.”

“I see. You should get away from here. The army should be on its way.”

“Already? But it just broke out a few bells ago!”

“There were signs this would happen. Silas, can you check the state inside the village? But be careful!”

“Of course,” he answers and rides off.

“How long do you think it will be until the army arrives?” Kat asks.

“Probably another few bells,” Matt answers, “this is going to be a problem…”

After not even a bell, Silas returns.

“How is the situation?”, Matt asks.

“The village is completely destroyed. There is only one building left. It's heavily fortified. The people inside should last a few days. From the people that left the village, it seems only the group we save survived.

About the Minotaurs…”

“Prince Matthew, we're here!”, Silas's report is interrupted by Sain's voice.

“Sain! You're here!”, Matt answers.

“Just the vanguard. The main unit will arrive tomorrow.”

“It's a good thing you're here. Silas was telling us about the situation in the village.”

Silas repeats the information and continues his report.

“About the Minotaurs, It's at least two gross Minotaurs, if not even more. It's definitely enough we have to worry about an advanced variant turning up.”

“Since the villagers in there will probably last till tomorrow let's set up camp and wait for the main force to arrive,” Matt decides, “for tomorrow, we'll just have to assume an advanced variant has turned up.”

“Yes, that would be the best course of action.” 

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