A Shopping Tour in Tatilans

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Text to Speech:

On the way back, we stop in Ise for the night. We barely made it is before the gate closed. Other than that, the trip was quite uneventful. Of course, we're staying at the Kitten's Purr again. This time, they're serving meatballs and pasta.

“Come to think of it,” I ask the landlady, “how do you make the ground meat for the meatballs?”

“That? We simply bought a tool for that. A wandering Dwarf merchant sometimes has those in stock.”

“A wandering Dwarf merchant? You don't happen to mean Snakkonlir by any chance?”

“Yes, that's his name!”

Somehow, I half expected it to be him. Well, I'm wanting to buy Xitu and Numa from him. Adding a meat grinder to the order isn't going to make a big difference.

“I guess I'll ask him the next time I see him.”

The next morning, Matt greets me with: “Good morning, sleepy kitten! I have a message from the palace for you: Gromli has been asking for you. You'd better come with us to Tatilans.”

“Yes, of course.”

After breakfast, we ride towards Tatilans. We arrive at West Gate of Tatilans without anything notable happening.

“Prince Matthew, we were instructed to tell you Count Donnell was seeking an urgent audience with you.”

“Don't worry about us, Luna and I will be accompanying Swift,” Kat says.

“Then Pat and I will go to the castle and meet Count Donnell,” Matt and Pat immediately leave.

“I said accompanying you, but would you mind if we stopped somewhere else before going to Gromli's shop?”

“Not at all. Where to exactly?”

“It's a bakery. It's a quite new one. But rumours say they have some unique goods.”

Kat leads me to a shop. The sign says “Petifor Barker Bakery”. There aren't many people around. We enter the shop.

“Welcome to the Petifor Barker Bakery!” a female Cynanthrope greets us.

I take a look around. She doesn't have a lot of bread on the shelves. The majority of food is cake and sweets.

I order several things to sample: some croissants and donuts. They aren't filled, but they taste very good none the less. She is skilled. Too bad she doesn't have that many customers…

“Not what I'd expect from a bakery…” I say what's on my mind.

The host's ears droop. She's adorable.

“You're good. But are you open to suggestions?” I ask. Her ears immediately rise. “I'd fill these two with something sweet. For this,” I hold up a croissant, “you can do it before baking. Just wrap sweet jam or something other in the dough instead of just rolling it up. As for the other one, you need to do that after baking.

I think it'd be better to change the name of your shop. Something like ‘Baker Barker's Sweet Shop’ should work. That way people know you specialize in these goods. That should help you with getting more customers.

Other than that, I'd like to buy some dough for this. A couple of sheets would do.”

“You know how those were made.”

“Just because I know doesn't mean I can make those.”

“I'm willing to sell these. I'm also thankful for your input, but making a new sign is…”

“I'll sponsor it,” Luna announces.

Everyone in the room stares at Luna. I was about to do that but I wouldn't have expected Luna to do the same let alone beat me to it.

“I guess Luna was faster…” I step back and let Luna handle it.

After a while, we leave the bakery. “I'm surprised you offered to sponsor that place,” Kat speaks what's on my mind.

“Her baking was tasty,” Luna answers.

“I guess she has a new regular now,” I add.

We make our way to Glorindamli's shop.

“Good afternoon, Glorindamli. I heard you asked for me.”

“Hey, Swift! Yes, Snakkonlir is in town. I told him about your request. Though I haven't told him about the new product yet. He said he already had the items you requested prepared.”

“I see.”

“I still have to tend the shop, so I can only tell you where his stall is set up. It should be on the plaza next to the Merchants' Guild.”

“I understand. Thanks for going out of your way and notifying me.”

“Don't worry about that. It's not like I'm not looking forward to having some aged ale.”

Everyone present starts laughing.

“Well then, I'm off.”

Kat, Luna and I make our way to the Merchants' Guild. We find Snakkonlir's stall quite quickly.

“Swift! You came!”

“Hi. Glorindamli sent a message. There's some more stuff I want to buy.”

“Let's take care of your order first,” Snak leads to to a storage area, “those casks are all new stock. I'm giving you those for free.”

“That's very generous of you.”

“It's an investment. Glorindamli has told me you would have a surprise for me.”

“Oh, I have,” I had him a bottle of Young Maple Ale, the proceeds to taste it.

“This is…”, he starts exclaiming, but I signal him to be quiet, “… I can see why you'd want some casks. Ageing that is much faster. So what else do you need?”

“With the casks, I have everything I need. Although… can you prepare the about the same number of empty cask next time? I think it’d be better to sell you the product in the casks. I will keep some for myself, of course.”

“That I can arrange. I know myself transporting a lot of bottles can be a handful.”

“Other than that need something from your regular business.”

“In that case, let’s go back to the front.”

We move back to the front.

“I want to buy some Xitu and Numa. And I just heard yesterday, you have a tool for making mincemeat.”

“Sure, but…,” he runs to the back again and returns with a manual meat grinder made from a slightly blueish metal, “it’s 300 Tol for everything.”

I give him the money for the goods. As always, I put those directly into my Infinite Storage. 

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