Banter About Skills

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Text to Speech:

“You should be able to see information about yourself now, try thinking of it,” Swift continues explaining.

I think of my own information. Something appears in my vision.

Character Info

Name:Patrick Boots

Titles & Blessings

  • Aide of the Keeper


  • Accelerated Recovery (Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Feline Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Vampire Curse (Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Noctilionine Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Daywalker (Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Cavern Navigation (Racial Menu Trait: Vampire)
  • Sure Strike (Hidden Trait)
  • Menu (Vassal Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Vassal Menu Trait)
  • Mystic Eyes of Analysis (Menu Trait)



  • Bow Mastery Level 3 ()

Magic Skills

  • Dark Magic Level 8 ()
  • Light Magic Level 8 ()

Survival Skills

  • Riding Level 3 ()

So this is the information Swift has access to. It's no wonder he immediately knew what happened to me. Now, I know what I traits I have but I don't know what they do… I guess I have to ask.

“Noctilionine Form… since I can imagine Feline Form means my ability to transform into a cat, I guess this means I can turn into a bat too? Why did you give me that?”

“I didn’t. That trait appeared naturally. I gave you an Awakening Crystal for the Daywalker Trait.”

“Daywalker, I see. I have to guess it allows me to in the sun without turning into ash. So by restoring my blue eyes, my appearance is mostly unaltered compared to before the incident.”

“Yes, you're still half-vampire. But it's just not visible at a glance anymore.”

“Oh, you even gave me Infinite Storage!”

“Yes, and since it's a vassal trait, we have a separate area where we can share items. I was a bit worried the whole storage would be shared. I keep quite a lot of stuff in there. I don't know if that would be acceptable, I'd like to share this trait with Matt and others, too.”

“I strongly advise against to that. If anyone were to find out, Matt will be considered having given up on his claim to the throne. The spell you use to share a trait is used to form a master-subordinate pact.”

“I’ve been wondering why hasn’t Matt shared his Super Intuition Trait with you? Matt said he could sense there was something wrong with the cup. He feels responsible for not stopping you from drinking from that cup.”

“I've heard Matt talk about him having that trait. We found it mentioned in the archives with a warning not to completely rely on it.”

“I see… We digress. So do you have any questions regarding your information?”

“Oh, yes. Why do I have the Dark Magic Skill?”

“Your Light Magic Skill was converted to Dark Magic when you became a True Vampire. I got you an Awakening Crystal with the Light Magic Skill. It's not as high level as it was before. This way, you can continue using Light Magic. But I'd like to run some experiments with Light and Dark Magic.”

“I mean, I'm technically your aide now. Of course, I'll help! I'm glad I'm getting a second shot at life.”

“I'll be relying on you. There’s a lot I still don’t know about this world. You're not the only one that's happy about getting a second shot at life.” 

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