New Moon, New Rooms

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Text to Speech:

It's a full moon, so I stay awake and spend the night trying to use up my excess Mana by expanding my Magic Space. I don't need to expand it at its edges; I can add more space anywhere I want. It uses more Mana, though. That way I can keep the hot bath at one edge of the Evergreen Forest. I have excess Mana to spend, anyway. With the extra space, I should plant some more maple trees around the plantation. I should also leave some space for camping, too. The Evergreen Forest has gotten quite big now. I think I should make a different one soon. Maybe a hotter one? Or eternal winter? I’ll decide on the next full moon.

In the morning, I create two more rooms in my cave: one room for Patrick and a room for the storage. Now, when you enter my cave, there's the bathroom and my room to the left, the guest room and Patrick's room in the back, and the storage and the kitchen to the right.

“That's it for your room. If you want a bed made from wood, we'd need to get one in the city. We could get you a coffin instead if you fancied that.”

“Very funny… No thanks, I’ll take a bed. While we’re at it, we should get you one as well. How are you content with just that stone bed?”

“I don’t have just a stone bed. I have beddings and cushions.”

Patrick shakes his head.

“This is my first business as your aide: you’re getting a proper bed!”

“Fine, the next time we’re in town we get proper beds for us and the guest room. We should have enough funds for that.”

I move to the storage and shelves to one side of the room. The alcohol I'm currently making still needs at least one more week to finish fermentation. I move the glass containers that are fermenting wine and ale below the shelves and place the kegs on the other side of the room.

“This content of this container looks different,” Pat states, “what's the deal with that?”

“That's the only one with wine,” I explain, “the others are ale. Turns out you can use Feno instead of Huffin for brewing ale. I have told no one about the Feno yet.”

“Feno? I’ve never heard of such a plant. How did you know it could be used like that?”

“I didn't. When I first found them, I only knew the Bunnyflies like those plants. I've mostly forgotten about them. Lecarvi said something that made me reexamine them.”

“Speaking of Bunnyflies, this one keeps hovering around me.”

Patrick points at the blue-winged Bunnyfly.

“That's Faryl,” I answer, “he seems to have taken a liking to you. Or he sees his destined master in you.”

«Faryl, what do you think about Pat?» I ask.

«Friend shines more beautiful today,» Faryl answers, «Faryl wants to stay with friend.»

“Transfer Contract!”

“Is that Faryl's voice?”

“Yes, the contract with Faryl also gave you the Telepathy Skill.”

Since the kitchen suddenly seems to empty now, I remember I still need to make a fridge!

I take some sand from my Infinite Storage and imagine the form of a fridge: a cupboard with supports shelves.


As before, the sand starts glowing red before forming a glass cupboard. But while it's glowing, it doesn't radiate any heat.

While I'm at it, I make some shelves, too: they should be made from connected rods spaced about 1 finger apart so the air can flow them. “Vitrify!”

The top shelf is a little different: it has a finer structure. I put the Continuous Magic Crystals of Cold that I found ages ago onto the top shelf and put it into the fridge.

“What's that?” Pat asks.

“It's a fridge. It keeps things cool.”

“So it's like an icehouse?”

“Yes, this just uses some Magic Crystals I found instead of ice and snow.” 

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