Experiments with Magic and Slimes

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Text to Speech:

After lunch, Swift and I go to the northern edge of the forest. For some reason, he has one of his Hot Springs Slimes with him. The forest borders the Shague Mountains here. They are said to be impassable. This is an ideal place for experiments, there's no need to worry about accidentally involving passersby.

“So what is Dark Magic?” Swift starts explaining, “It can serve as opposite to Light Magic. Let's call it Anti-Light Magic. And real opposites tend to work similarly. I believe you should be able to produce a Dark Magic, an Anti-Light Magic version of Refulgent Arrow.”

“Refulgent Arrow with Dark Magic? That's… I… I'll try it.”

“Just think loudly. I will try to guide you through the whole process. What is the image of Refulgent Arrow?”

“Refulgent Arrow is an arrow of made of Light Magic and enveloped in Lifeforce borrowed from the surroundings. The Lifeforce is needed to keep the Light Magic from dissipating. It might not be possible to envelop Dark Magic in Lifeforce. Dark Magic is said to destroy Lifeforce…”

“Just think of it as Anti-Light Magic. We don't know the properties of Anti-Light Magic yet!”

I concentrate and try to imagine Anti-Light, something opposite of Light and enveloped in Lifeforce. I take a deep breath and start pouring my magic into my hands.

“Refulgent Arrow!”

A black arrow forms and shoots towards a boulder. Upon impact, the boulder falls over. The arrow left a very big hole in it. The edge of the hole glows a little. It looks like it has been made by the impact of a Fire Ball! Anyway, that hole is way too big for the amount of magic I poured in!!

“I made it somehow. But that hole the impact left behind is… something else.”

Swift closes his eyes to think.

“I'm sure you can master it… But this is too dangerous for common use! The side effects… No, that would irresponsible! We should call it a failure!”

There's something he isn't telling me. But… “I agree, regular Dark Magic is already dangerous as it is. But you said real opposites tend to work similarly. What other opposites do you mean?”

“Fire and Ice Magic are good candidates. Fire is just the manifestation of heat and cold is just the absence of heat. I think that might be safer.

I'll try it at some other time. I want to try out something entirely different.”

“Something with that Hot Springs Slime?”

“Yes, this Hot Springs Slime, Enchant!

The Slime glows bright blue for a moment. It looks different now. It still looks like it has liquid in it. But it has changed colour. It's a deep green now.

I analyze the Slime.

Glossary: Evergreen Forest Hot Springs Slime

This evolved slime enjoys bathing in hot water. It also enjoys drinking and soaking in said water. Being imbued with Space Magic, it can also open Portals from and to the Evergreen Forest.

Right next to the Slime, a portal opens.

“Does that lead to the Evergreen Forest?”

“I think so. Let's go.”

We enter the portal. As expected, we are in the Evergreen Forest. Something is off…

“Is it me? Or is this place bigger now?”

“It is. I increased its size last night. But this is great! I can have the Slimes in here while they can freely enter and leave this space.”

We leave the space and go back to the cave. The Slime jumps towards the bathroom. Swift and I decide to follow it and watch the Slimes.

The green Slime extends tentacles and touches several of the Hot Springs Slimes surrounding it. The next moment all of them start glowing. They all evolve to Evergreen Forest Hot Springs Slimes.

“That's unexpected. I guess that saves me the trouble of giving them the Skill myself.”

“Isn't that bad? They could give that to others too.”

“I think it's only possible with Slimes. Also, it only did that because I was asking it to. I just didn't expect anything to happen. It just shows one shouldn't be dismissive about trying out new things.” 

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