A Visit to the Carpenter's

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Text to Speech:

A few days later, it's the day Patrick and I planned on going to Tatilans for some shopping. I wake up as late as usual. After washing, I enter the kitchen.

“Good morning, I've already made breakfast,” Pat greets me and points to the table.

I look at the table. A yellow spongy blob is on the plate.

“Omelette? Where did you get the eggs from?”

“Raiden led me to a quail nest he found.”

“I see. We should get some eggs today, too.”

After breakfast, we make our way to Tatilans.

The usual Kouniklanthrope guard greets us at the gate.

“I'm glad you're feeling better Sir Boots,” he addresses Pat, “I was told Prince Matthew wanted to see you as soon you have recovered from the poison.”

“I haven't fully recovered yet,” Pat answered, “but I will go and see him later today.”

We enter the city. After buying some groceries, Patrick guides me to a shop, I've never been to. The saw on the sign tells me it's a carpenter.

“Good afternoon, Sir Boots. Are you here for a comfy coffin?” the elf shopkeeper greets us.

“Good afternoon, Naexi. Why would I need a coffin? I'm clearly still among the living!”

“I have my sources. So what kind of coffin shall it be? I can give you a special deal!”

“No, thanks. I'm good.”

“If you ever consider getting once just tell me,” Naexi turns to me, “I assume you're the one from Avan Forest then.”

“Yes, I'm Swift. Swift Mittens.”

“Naexi Valmaris, pleased to meet you. As you can see, I'm an elf. Since you're not here for a coffin, what else are you planning on ordering?”

“Several beds. Pat insisted on getting some ‘proper’ beds.”

“Yes, proper beds, made from wood, not stone!” Pat adds.

Naexi giggles, “I see. So half a dozen beds then.”

“Again, how on…” Pat starts asking but gets interrupted.

“I have my sources. So do you have any special wishes?”

“Hmm,” I try thinking of something but nothing comes to my mind, “Patrick, you decide. This is your idea after all.”

“Make Swift's bed a Neotes version,” Patrick adds.

“Oh, so you're half Neotes? That's interesting! They say you're an Ailuranthrope blessed with eternal youth when you became the keeper.”

“That's… interesting…” I answer. I mean really, but I really wonder what her sources are…

“Anyway, it'll take one or two weeks for me to finish your order.”

“That's fast!”

“I was expecting an order. So I already prepared something. I just need to make the Neotes one.”


“No, I just have them on stock. Usually, people only want slight changes.”

“Is a Neotes bed anything special?”

“Not really, it's just what most Neotes prefer to order these days: a square bed with a flexible bed base. Oh, just to be safe: do you need mattresses?”

“Yes, we do,” Pat answers for me.

“I'm worried about the price for all of this…”, I whisper to Pat.

“Don't worry. I still have some funds and I'm sure Matt will pitch in as well. After all, the guest beds will be mostly used by Matt, Kat and Luna.”

“I have taken your order 5 standard beds and a Neotes bed plus mattresses,” Naexi says, “I'll send a message to the castle when the beds are done. If you are worried about the price, you can trade in some of that wine of yours.”

“I…” how on earth does she know about the wine?! “I'll think about it, thanks. Goodbye!”

Pat and I leave the shop.

“She is certainly different from I expected,” I express my thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“I thought elves are more the quiet type. And they don't plan ahead as much since they live so long.”

“They usually are. Only some elves are long worded like Naexi.” 

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