Replacement Aide Johan Wentworth

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Text to Speech:

Swift and I go towards Tatilans Castle. At the entrance, we are greeted by the guards.

“Sir Boots, I'm glad to see you're feeling better!”

An elderly Cynanthrope man in elegant clothing sees us and makes his ways towards us while keeping this eye contact with us. Is that him?

“Hello,” Swift greets him.

“Good afternoon, Sir Mittens, Sir Boots,” he greets him, “I'm Johan Wentworth. I'm here to accompany you to Prince Matthew's office. Please, do enter.”

So it is Johan Wentworth! The king must have sent him as my replacement for Matt.

“I see, let's go, Sir Wentworth,” Swift answers.

“I'm just a butler. Please call me Johan.”

We move to Matt's room. Johan knocks and announces us: “This is Johan Wentworth bringing Patrick Boots and Swift Mittens.”

“Please enter!” Matt's voice sounds from the inside. I think there's a hint of slight annoyance from his voice. We enter the room.

“Patrick! I'm glad you're feeling better!” Matt greets us.

“You're here…,” Luna says, still as emotionless as ever.

“I see Johan has taken over my duties,” I state calmly. Matt rolls his eyes behind Johan's back.

“Yes, my father sent him. So Swift, how is Patrick's condition?”

“As I said in my letter, he will need to stay close to me for the time being. The after-effects of the poison are still a thing to worry about. I can't say how long it'll take for him to make a full recovery.”

Full recovery? But…

“So Patrick, how about retirement due to health reasons?”

I see this is just on the surface.

“As much as I want to continue being your aide, in my current condition, I'm just a bother to you. So I will reluctantly take retirement… It's sad, but I must be the youngest retiree for at least a gross years!”

We all start but Johan laughing.

“Johan, can you get more paper? We're about to run outKat asks.

“Of course!” Johan leaves the room.

“Imperturbable Barrier!” Swift creates a barrier around us, “this should do.”

“I don't know how, but the Naexi the carpenter hinted she knew about me turning into a vampire.”

“Don't worry. Just continue keeping up the act. But hey, you don't look like a vampire anymore. Though I think your eye colour is slightly brighter than before.”

“It is? I didn't notice. Well, in short, I'm still half-vampire. We should talk about details after everything cools down.”

“I agree. Swift, you can take down the barrier.”

Swift waves and nods.

“So you were at Naexi's place?”

“Pat insisted we buy some beds.”

“Is that so? Let me pitch in some funds too.”


“I insist. After all, I will visit often.”


“So how is Johan, my replacement doing?” Pat asks, “No, let me rephrase the question: how bad is he really?”

“He is a professional,” Matt answers, “but he's so too stiff…”

“It's hard to relax when he's around,” Kat adds.

“He makes tasty sweets,” Luna says, “about as tasty as Petifor's sweets.”

“He is a butler first and not an aide. He's just here until we find a proper replacement for you,” Kat adds.

“In that case,” I answer, “I have a suggestion.” 

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