Invitation to the Boots' Estate

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Text to Speech:

“… to spend some time among Ailuranthropes, my family invites you to spend some time at their estate,” Paige explains.

“I see,” I answer. From what Matt tells me, it seems Pat's and Paige's father has a lot of insight. My guess is he knows about Pat's situation and wants to help us.

“I'll gladly accept the invitation. When will we be travelling?”

“We plan on leaving the day after tomorrow,” Paige answers, “I still need to get some of my belongings here so I can accede my position as Matt's aide. I'd like to stay and return with you after your visit, but…”

“How long would I have to wait if you were to travel back here with Swift and Pat?” Matt asks.

“Just a round trip is about one week. And the plan is for them to stay one or two weeks; so about two to three weeks.”

“I'll manage somehow. You don't need to hurry, Paige.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Matt.”

“Don't mention it. It's safer to travel in groups, after all.”

Pat is sitting opposite to me. He hasn't said anything since he came back from meeting his parents, but he has been quite fidgety.

“Is something the matter, Pat?” I ask.

“No… I mean, yes, I mean, no…” Pat stutters.

“Are you alright? You act as if someone is forcing you to finally confess your love to someone,” I tease him.

“Swift…, you know…” Kat answers while glancing at Pat.

“Wait!” I answer. It slowly dawns on me, “it's me?!”

“Yes! I love you!” Patricks exclaims. His face turns red like a tomato, “I can't believe I said that out loud,” he mutters.

“I see… I…”

Can I really accept his feelings? I mean, I kinda like both men and women. The thing is: even though I was reincarnated as a dozen-year old in this world, I'm still several dozen years old on the inside!

“I… I'm surprised. So much so I can't give you an answer yet. I need to think about it!”

“I see…” Pat answers dejectedly.

“It's not a rejection, Pat,” Matt tries to cheer Pat up.

“Yes, I need time to think about it. I will definitely give you answer.”

Wait, how come Kat and Matt are in on this? When did they know?! And what else do they know?

“Well, this is kind of awkward,” Matt breaks the silence, “but how about we take a bath before dinner?”

“Yes, that sounds like a good idea,” I answer.

We head towards the bath. I get into the water and try thinking about it.

We're all about dozen year old, so we're still underage. But does it matter? It's just about having a relationship! Not about following our carnal desires! But he's my friend! And aren't carnal desires part of a relationship? There's no problem with having a relationship with a friend. We won't be able to procreate. Who cares? I'll just have to insist we wait we're both 16 (do-six) before we have sex.

But… suddenly, everything turns black. 

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