A Day Full of Surprises

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Text to Speech:

“… Mittens! Wake up!”

I slowly open my eyes. We're still in the bath. My lungs hurt; they feel like something burst in there. I cough.

“Wha-what happened?” I ask.

“You almost drowned in the bath,” Matt answers.

“I see, I was a little absentminded.”

“We noticed. Were you thinking about Pat's confession?”

“What?! No! I was simply…” I try to deny it but looking at the others I stop. “Yes, I was. Are you happy? I'm not taking this lightly.”

“We noticed. Try not to die before giving Pat an answer.”

“I'm not planning dying even after I've given my answer.”

After dinner, I quickly retreat to my room and try to sleep. Instead, I'm brooding over my relation to Pat…

The next day, I wake up early — I still haven't found an answer yet. I go to Matt's office.

“Good morning, Swift! You're up early!”

“Good morning, Matt! I'm still thinking about my relation to Patrick…”

“What is problem? As far as law and society goes, there's no problem with a relation between the two of you.”

“I was under the impression nobles need to leave offspring.”

“Ah, yes, but with Pat being in early retirement, he is to be removed from succession. From a society standpoint, he might die before being able to produce offspring.”

“So if he recovers…”

“… he still is officially removed from succession. Even if he wasn't removed from succession, it's not a big problem, especially among Ailuranthrope nobles. They don't acknowledge it, but Ailuranthropes nobles are as likely to adopt children as they are to produce children.”

“I see…”

“Is there anything from your previous life that makes you unsure?”

“Yes… wait, how do you know about that?!”

“It was just a wild guess, my Super Intuition helped a little,” Matt smiles as if it was the most natural thing…

“Well… I've told Pat already: I'm not a hero.”

“I know, a hero wouldn't hole up in Avan Forest.”

“So back to your question… In my past life, people aren't considered adults until they are 16 (do-six) years old. And many places don't approve of same-sex relations.”

“While I think that shouldn't apply here, let's put it this way: if you were both of age to that standard, would you accept him?”

“Yes, I'd at least consider it.”

“There, you heard him,” Matt says. He looks in the direction of the door.


I look to where Matt is looking to. Patrick is standing there. He's still holding the handle.

“Matt told me to come back without knocking…”

So Matt set me up…

“I appreciate you wanting to help us… but I'll get you for that.”

“You're welcome.”

After breakfast, we meet the Boots family at their coach. It's a typical stagecoach that's being pulled by two Plumel.

“Sir Boots, please take care of Swift, and yourself of course.”

“I will do that. After all, he's the person Patrick has chosen.”

We board the coach.

“Well then, we're off, Prince Matthew.”

“Have a pleasant trip.”

The stagecoach moves. We leave Tatilans and go westward.

After a while the road changes from a stone road to a dirt road. The carriage shakes a lot more. I begin to feel slight headaches… and…

“It seems Swift isn't that good with carriages. His face is turning green,” I hear a female voice say, but I can't tell who it is. I don't really care… These headaches are quite annoying…

“Patrick, you should regularly use Recovery on him!”


The headaches fade and my head clears. It was clearly Pat's mother that was speaking. So I get motion sick… and it's as unpleasant I as remember it to be.

“Thanks, Pat.”

“You're welcome. That was… unexpected. I mean, you can ride a Plumel without problems.”

“I know. I didn't expect to get motion sick.”

“Don't worry, I'll take care of you.” 

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