The First Bite

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Text to Speech:

After several days, we arrive at our estate. It's been years since I've been here. Everything still seems the same.

“Welcome to the Boots Estate, honoured guest”, Roland greets us, “welcome back, Master Samuel, Lady Samantha, Young Master Patrick, Young Master Paige.”

“Roland, this is Swift Mittens, the newly appointed Keeper of the Avan Forest,” father introduces him, “due to circumstances Patrick regularly needs to receive care by the keeper.”

“I understand, I'll make the necessary arrangements.”

Roland leads us to our rooms. This is my old room. Everything is just as a left it when I became Matt's aide. As requested, Swift's room is the guest room directly adjacent to my room. Our rooms are connected by a door. I knock.

“Enter,” I hear Swift say.

“Patrick, how are you? How is your Mana holding up? Imperturbable Barrier!

I have completely forgotten Avan Forest is supposed to provide me with extra Mana.

“I haven't been keeping track, so I don't know how long my Mana will last. I'm sorry.”

“Don't worry. I guess we don't have a choice. Bite me!”


“Just do it. It would be bad if you were to hunger for blood when you're in public.”


I bite into Swift's Neck. It's a terrible sensation, it must be worse for Swift. The blood tastes salty, a bit like iron. Why would anyone in their right mind like this taste?

I stop drinking. This feeling… I feel energetic, very energetic. There's no doubt my Mana is fully restored. I could get used to this. No, focus Patrick, this is no good!

“Full Heal!” Swift heals himself, “Clean!”

“Can't you devise a method that doesn't entail drinking blood?” I ask, “like a spell or something?”

“I… I'll try to think of one.”

Swift seems surprised. Upon seeing my questioning look, he adds: “I completely forgot I could try to make a spell for that.”

“You do know I was joking, there's no way you can just create a spell.”

“You never know until you try. That's how I discovered the cleaning spell.”

“I've been wondering what element that spell even is. It doesn't emit the presence of any Magic Element I know.”

“Maybe it's something new.”

New magic? That could turn the world upside down! Of course, it depends on its properties.

“Before you make it public, you should find out about its relation to other elements.”

“It's cleaning magic. What other use can it possibly have? It's not like… Oh. I guess we have to experiment more when we're back in the forest.”

“Yes, but first, you need your etiquette lessons.”

Swift's face shows he doesn't like the very idea of etiquette lessons.

“Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.” 

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