First Lesson in Dark Magic

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Text to Speech:

It's a boring day like any other day in the village. I've trying for bells just to manifest a single spark of Light Magic. But it's not working at all. Unlike my twin brother Aiden, I don't seem to have any talent in it at all.

“Light! Light! Light!!”

It's just not working at all… It's so frustrating.

“Relax, Ethan!” Aunt Martha says, “getting angry is only going to make magic work even less!”

Aunt Martha has always been here for us. She's skilled in magic so he helps Aiden and me with practicing magic.

“I understand, Aunt Martha,” I answer, “it's just so frustrating Aiden can use it like it's nothing.”

“Everyone is different,” she answers.

“Just like Aiden and I have different ears?” I ask.

“Yes, we're already talked about that,” she answers.

We did. Aiden and I have cat ears. They are the same colour as our hair. Aiden has white hair and ears while I have black hair and ears. Apparently, Aiden and I are Ailuranthropes while everyone else in the village is a Hume. Since Hume parents can only get Hume children, it must mean Aiden and I are adopted by Grandpa. The villagers say only he knows who our real parents are but he refuses to tell us about them. He even goes so far to say, he's so old he's already forgotten.

The villagers say it's great we do have distinguishing features. According to Uncle Mike, twins usually are indistinguishable. I turn my sight towards Aiden. As he's already further ahead with his magic lessons, he's been meditating for the last few bells. I'm still stuck with trying to manifest my first spell.

“Say, Aunt Martha, since Aiden and I are so different, sometimes opposite to each other. Could it be I'm just talented in the opposite of Light Magic? Like Dark Magic, is there even something like that?”

“It's quite possible,” she smiles. She stretches her hand towards the table, “Light!”. A ball of light appears on the table, “try extinguishing the light. The spell name is ‘Dark’!”

I imagine stopping the light from shining. I put my hand next to light.


The light vanishes and in its place, a black orb appears.

“You did it,” Aunt Martha praises, “you finally found the Magic you're aligned with.”

“You knew this would be the magic that's suitable for me, didn't you?”

“I had my guesses. I didn't tell you because the proper way of learning magic is through discovery. Prudent discovery. Until you are at a certain level you need to discover your abilities and limits yourself. Letting you trying to manifest Light Magic in vain is just part of the lesson.”

“But it's so slow!” I protest.

“Light and Dark Magic are quite special, Ethan. Both Light and Dark Magic can be dangerous, especially to the user. If you're not careful you might end up killing yourself.”

“Killing myself? You sure love to exaggerate!”

Aunt Martha doesn't respond. Instead, she walks to the shelf and gets a mouse from a cage. She walks back to the table and puts the mouse where the dark orb is on the table. The mouse was wiggling around in her hand quite a lot, but the moment it touches the orb, it stopps moving.

“It's dead. I'm not exaggerating. Those Magics are dangerous!”

I gulp.

“Since we've established that you should get to practise. I'll summon some light balls. You need to use Dark Magic to extinguish the light without leaving behind a dark orb. It's better if you take longer then leaving behind a dark orb. Take your time and get a feel for your power.”

She summons multiple light orbs and I start practising my Dark Magic. Just you wait, Aiden, I'll catch up to you in no time! 

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