Uncle Alexander and Big Brother Matt

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Text to Speech:

I wake up in an unfamiliar room. Oh right, we've left our village yesterday. I start looking for my big brother Aiden. Luckily, he's right here.

“Good morning, little bro!” Aiden says.

“Good morning, big brother!”

We get dressed and go to the main room. Big brother Swift greets us.

“Yawn! Good morning,” he says.

“I only have fruit here if you want breakfast,” he puts fruits I've never seen on the table.

“Thanks,” I say. I grab one of the fruits and eat it. It's sweet. Very sweet. “Hmm, it's delicious.”

Swift sits down. He has a serious but friendly expression.

“As you can see, I live here by almost myself. There's my aide, but he's currently running an errand for me. You can choose to live here if you like. But you have to provide for yourselves. The bounties of the forest are big enough for that.”

“You said choose,” Aiden says.

“Yes, I can arrange a place for you in the capital with an acquaintance of mine. If you choose that you can choose to help him with his business or choose to pursue any other business.

Whatever you choose I'll help you in the beginning. It's a big choice so take your time. Meanwhile, how do you feel about hunting?”

A bell later, we're in the forest. His Thunder Hawk has led us to a part of the forest. We can see boars around digging in the ground. I do as we've just discussed. I place several Dark Magic balls. As I'm done I hide in bushes.

Swift moves around the boars and jumps into the group of boars. They scatter and run away from him. One of the boars runs into my Dark Magic balls and drops to the ground.

By first game! I put it into my Greater Item Storage. All just by using the plan big brother Swift suggested.

“Good job!” he says and pats me on the head.

We return to the cave. In the kitchen, I take out the dead boar and Swift hangs the boar over an empty bucket. He cuts it. Blood starts dropping into the bucket.

“Let's go to the main room and rest.”

“Big brother Swift, thanks for your help,” I say.

“It's nothing.”

We begin talking about our village, Islesbury. Swift is very interested in the village. After a bell or two, he goes back to the kitchen to cook. Aiden and I remain in the living room.

“What do you think, big brother?” I ask.

“I think he'd prefer us to go to the capital. I think so, too.”


“But…” I start but stop. Aiden has the better judgement. But I still want to stay with big brother Swift.

“Do you remember what he said yesterday?” Aiden asks, “our Bunnyflies can lead us through the forest.”

“Yes, he did say that. But what does it have to do with…”

“Meaning, if we want to we can come and visit him from time to time.”

I see, even if we were to go to the capital, we can still meet him! I haven't thought about that!

“I didn't know you'd grow this attached to me this fast,” I hear big brother Swift's voice, “if you choose to live in the capital there are enough chances to meet. By the way, food is ready.”

We go to the kitchen to eat. It's fried meat and vegetables. For dessert, there's something called Fruit Jelly. Big brother Swift's food is quite delicious. After eating we continue talking. We ask Swift about the capital, but he can't tell us much about it. But his acquaintances are coming tomorrow so we can ask them!

The next day, his acquaintances arrive. Big brother Matt is a boy about the same age as big brother Swift. Just as a big brother Pat. Uncle Alexander is older. Apparently, we'd live in Uncle Alexander's house near the capital. He'd give us each a room to live in until we're of age. After that, we can choose to keep renting the room or move out.

While we're talking his other acquaintance has been eyeing me. After a pause, he says: “Alexander, would have a look at their pendants?”

Alexander answers: “I already have, Matthew. That's why…”

He turns to us: “…no matter what you choose, for your own protection, you need to change your last name. I can formally adopt you.”

“What about big brother Swift?” I ask.

“That should work, too. Taking away your pendants is excessive but do hide them when you're in public.”

“Those pendants are we have from our parents. Grandpa never told us about them.”

“Your foster grandfather?”

“Yes, him.”

“I'll tell you something about what we know about house Reed,” big brother Pat answers, “they are believers of a sect. They believe they are the pure-line descendants of White Mages. White hair with a deep connection to Light Magic. Mean the two of you, a black-haired with a talent for Light Magic and a white-haired with a talent for Dark Magic go completely against their dogma. Thus they would kill you if they ever know you're connected to them.”

Aiden and I gulp. Our real family wants us dead for simply being not as they expected. No wonder our father had us hidden in the village for safety!

“They don't have any power here in Sitnalta, but it doesn't hurt to be careful.”

“Thanks for telling us…” Aiden says. He sounds sad, “I've always wondered how my real family is, but I see why grandpa never told us about them.”

“I feel the same,” I add.

“Your village is your true family,” Swift says, “you had a loving family around you growing up till now, remember that. That being said, wouly you allow me to make you new pendants from you pendants? Just to be sure.”

Aiden nods. He and I give big brother Swift our pendants.


The pendants change shape. They look like cats now. He then gives to Aiden and me.

“Put them together. They should form a circle,” he explains.

“You're so kind, big brother Swift. We've already decided to go with Uncle Alexander!”

“I'm glad to have to you with me,” he answers, “let's go to my place then. Matt, can I trust you to draw up the documentation?”

“Of course!” Matt answers. 

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