Extra: First Passionate Night

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Text to Speech:

Rowan kisses me yet again. His lips are soft and warm against mine. Rowan’s tongue slowly encroaches into my mouth. As I lose myself in my desires, his hands slowly make their ways down my back, giving me a tickling sensation. We finally break apart for air, he smiles at me. He grabs my pants and says: “Let me unpack this.” My cock is hard and ready to go. I feel a bit shy about him seeing me like this. I mean, there is no hiding my boner.

Rowan grins and pulls down my pants. He releases his embrace and caresses my body while his fingers slowly crawl towards my rod. I feel his fingers wrap around my shaft. It feels great. Rowan starts stroking me off slowly. I close my eyes and enjoy every second of it. He then takes his dick out and jerks himself off while grabbing onto my balls. I can't help but moan softly as he continues to stroke me off. The sensation is amazing, I never imagined something like this could be so good.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asks. I nod, I do enjoy this a lot. “Good, because it's going to get better!”

Rowan crawls to my lower body. He moves his mouth fast, taking in my boner. I gasp. I've never done that before. But if this is what makes him happy… I grab his head and push him down on my cock, making him take me all the way. He groans and moans as I continue to make him suck me. I have to admit, that is pretty damn good! Rowan continues to suck me, I start to buck my hips, wanting more friction on my shaft. He keeps up with his blowjob, I give him a few more thrusts, and then I can hold it no longer. I shoot my load into Rowan's mouth. Release has never felt better. I hear Rowan swallowing. He then licks me clean, making sure I am fully satisfied.

“That was awesome!” I exclaim, feeling a bit surprised.

Rowan looks up at me, smiles and says: “Yeah, we need to travel soon, so I thought I would try this.” What does travelling have to do with this? I wonder, but I don't ask. There is plenty of time to figure it out later. But this was his first time doing this?!

Rowan crawls back up and cuddles me again. I hug him with one arm and beat his meat with my free hand. He moans softly. I feel his cock twitching and releasing his load. I scoop up what I can and carefully lick is off my hand. It tastes salty.

“You don't have to swallow it,” he says. I shake my head and continue licking. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. Not that I mind, it's actually kind of nice. I look at Rowan and see him smiling at me.

I love how safe and warm he makes me feel. I must admit, it feels superb to know someone is there for me. Someone who will always be there when I need them.

Rowan whispers in my ear: “Sleep well, my cutie.”

“You too,” I whisper back, closing my eyes.

I fall asleep to Rowans heartbeat almost immediately after that. 

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