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Hello! I'm quốc Thái “0xReki” Chung, a jack of all trades from Germany. Welcome to my homepage, 0xReki's Misadventures! Here, you can find my Blog, my Creative Writing, and my other Projects. 

About Me

I currently live near Cologne. My focus is in Linux, but that doesn't mean I can't use other OSes. I'm a typical IT guy with interests in creative writing, vintage audio hardware, and Riichi Mahjong. I enjoy playing JPRGs. 

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You might have noticed I pushed out Amauga onto some platforms, and then removed it from some platforms again. I think details about the platforms should be interesting enough for a blog post. Why would I cross-post? People have their favourite platform, so they can read wherever they like. I should not take too…

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Creative Writing Schedule

Amauga updates on Wednesday, if I manage to write a chapter for it. If I'm more productive, there'll be more updates. 


Amauga is an ongoing Fantasy Web Novel / Web Fiction / Web Serial.


Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the shuttle Speeding Kitten. Well, it would be more space voyages if its Hyperdrive didn't malfunction. Its pilot, Aster Kayden, is now stranded on an underdeveloped planet. So much about him enjoying his first real vacation. Luckily, Aster has his AI companion in his shuttle to help him out. The planet seems like any other underdeveloped planet, but something is different… 

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Seems like…

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Seems like I forgot to publish this. Anyway, enjoy! 

Changes to Come to Dewick

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