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I used to make Vocal Covers and Mixes. Vocal Covers, I've recently started doing again. Some videos might be blocked tough. Checkout my YouTube Channel: RPGReki 🎶. 

One little thing about copyright and YouTube: I do want the original rights holders to get their cut. But I do mean the original rights holder. If I do a Voice Cover of an Asian song, I don't want some random person from the West to profit from it just because my cover got matched to theirs! Also, the world really needs a better copyright. The world has changed. Copyright didn't. 

Vocal Covers and Translated Lyrics

Mùa Đông Của Anh

published on 2023-12-09

Winter Music

白夜~True Light~

published on 2023-10-21

The Tireless One

published on 2023-10-01

The Villain Arc continues, this time it's Athena's Theme from Pandæmonium: Anabaseios 12th Circle.

It Will All Be Mine

published on 2023-09-22

Bunny Boy goes Villain Arc. This time it's Giovanni's Theme from PokéMon Live!

Bao La Tình Chúa

published on 2023-08-23

Samudrartha (水龙吟)

published on 2023-08-08

感情泥棒 (Emotion Thief)

published on 2023-04-30

Return to Oblivion (Primals Version)

published on 2023-02-17

Câu Chuyện Thần Tiên Về Tuyết (Snow Fairy Story)

published on 2016-12-23


PokéMon: »Alola!!« — Interlude Loop (20min Mix)

published on 2017-12-17

If I ever have need for hold music, I'd like to license this.

The World Ends with You: »Fighting for Freedom« (20min Mix)

published on 2016-05-04

Ragnarök Online: »Rag All Night Long (20 min Mix)

published on 2016-02-08

Ragnarök Online: »Theme of Juno« (crafTUNER Arrangement) (20 min Mix)

published on 2015-09-13

Ragnarök Online: »Wanna Be Free!!« (20 min Mix)

published on 2015-04-27

Ragnarök Online: »Labyrinth« (20 min Mix)

published on 2015-04-26

Ragnarök Online: »Theme of Al de Baran« (20 min Mix)

published on 2015-04-26

I'm still trying to learn to play this on guitar…

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