Furiten Riichi May-hem 2020 Doman Mahjong Tournament

Text to Speech:

I wasn't planning on having another tournament till 2020 Q3. But since most of us are at home let's have another tournament! This is the third Doman Mahjong Tournament on Light, feel free to make an alt to join. As before, this tournament is a player event: it is not affiliated with FFXIV etc. Though I would welcome some endorsement. :3


Deadline for Registration: 2020-04-26

Games: 2020-05-01 to 2020-05-03


  1. One item or one set of items of value 20 € or less
  2. 10,000,000 gil

Note: Prizes can't be received on any trial accounts. Gil prizes are given out on DC Light.

General Information

How to Register: closed

Registered Players, Seating etc.: See Tournament Spreadsheet

Where: Final Fantasy XIV Online, Data Centre Light, preferably at the Mahjong Tables on Server Odin


4+ Hanchan Round-Robin. I hope we can make 8. But it depends on how many people attend.

All games will be played in Final Fantasy XIV Online as friendly matches “Four-player Mahjong (Kuitan Enabled)” on Data Centre Light. After the game, the result should be screenshotted and sent to the organizer. 

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