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Here we go. It's not text in legal English, but in my opinion a good cookie and privacy statement should readable by non-lawyers, anyway.


This page itself doesn't require cookies. However, since people are so adamant about convenience, some cookies may used to store user settings and the fact you have accepted this Cookies & Privacy Statement at all. If you later decide to remove the cookies of this page you can use the button below.

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For more information, refer to the Privacy Policy of Netlify respectively.

The comment system of this site uses Gravatar for user icons. To avoid exposing your IP address to Gravatar, the images are proxied through this site. This might result in outdated pictures. To avoid exposing your IP address to social media sites, all share buttons are JavaScript-less versions that don't require communication with the social media sites. However, clicking on a sharing button will direct you to the associated social media page, where your data is exposed.

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