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Campfire and…

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Campfire Flames by Monica Hovland from Pixabay

What other things do you think about when you hear the word campfire?

Lots of Preparations in Dewick Village


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Snowy Landscape CC-0

Therianthropes? They can further categorized into Lesser Alopanthropes, True Alopanthropes, Lesser Cynanthropes, True Cynanthropes, Lesser Lycanthropes, True Lycanthropes, Lesser Ailuranthropes, True Ailuranthropes, Lesser Ornithropes, True Ornithropes, Lesser Pithecanthropes…

First Contact: Rowan from Dewick Village

Quest Log sounds better than To-Do-List

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Snowy Landscape CC-0

Don't you agree?

The Quest to Seek the Greater Truth


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Meeting Room Business by jraffin from Pixabay

Side Story: Meanwhile on Terra I

White Snow Landscape

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Snowy Landscape CC-0

Just as I'm about to post this, I noticed a flaw in the story. Let's see how much fixing this oversight messes up my story…

Landing on an Unknown Planet

I'm back!

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Bulletin Board by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Sorry for the long downtime, I needed some time for myself. But I'm back, kind of. In any case, I'm re-pivoting. In other words: I wrote myself into a corner, so I'm revising Amauga, though it's more a reboot than a revision: the story deviates from what I've written before. Hopefully, it's better than before.

For now, it's only the prologue. More chapters will eventually follow.

Prologue: Quick Starting my Summer Break

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