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Seems like…

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Seems like I forgot to publish this. Anyway, enjoy! 

Changes to Come to Dewick

Amauga Volume 2 Starts

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Image by Oto Zapletal from Pixabay

It's a start of a new volume! Why? I just felt like it was time for it.

I have loads of ideas, but I'm still stuck on chapter 43. It might end up a tad short. 

The Great Escort Mission

Home, Sweet Home

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Image by Oto Zapletal from Pixabay

I hope everyone is doing fine. I'll be at my parents' place for a bit. Anyway, stay healthy, stay safe, and have a Merry Christmas, or whatever.

Back in Dewick Again


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How siblings act and interact can be quite different. Do you have siblings? Do they dote on you, or do you dote on them? Or are you constantly at each other's throats?

Getting to Know the Twins

Killing Time

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Image by theTrueMikeBrown from Pixabay

So what do you do when you have time to kill? Like a lot of time?

Things to Do While on the Pilgrimage


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CC-BY 2.0 Tom Ventura

It's just a formality, a simple administrative formality.

Just a Formality, a Simple Administrative Procedure

Collectible Coins

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Image from pxfuel

There's something about coins that makes them so collectible. If it wasn't so damn expensive, I'd try collecting them myself.

Business in the Ruby Mint

Here We Go Again

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Image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay

Sorry for the long downtime, my life has gotten very hasty. I should be back to a regular schedule now, but you might want to start reading the story again, I've reworked all chapters. Hopefully, it improved the story.

The Circumstances of Colourful Threads


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To be honest, I've never read a “for Dummies” book. Are they any good?

Amaugan High Society for Dummies

Cover Artwork Needed

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Original Image by 0midnight00 from DeviantArt

I definitely need some cover artwork for this story, but for some reason, I feel Cyril has to be in it!

About Cyril and other Woosel


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Image by Oto Zapletal from Pixabay

Homesickness can be a strange thing: sometimes, you are away for years and don't miss anything. Sometimes, you miss it as soon as you leave it behind. But knowing you can return can a huge relief. I hope Aster is doing fine…

I'm Missing Home

Spicy Foods

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Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

I've never had real wasabi before. The question is: did I miss out on something?

More Dishes at Dinner

Etiquette Guides

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Image by chaos_sun from Pixabay

Etiquette guides are… not useful. They say to turn away to sneeze… How do you turn away at a table, when you can't really turn?!

Etiquette Lesson at Dinner

Paracetamol Challenge

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CC-BY-SA 3.0 ProjectManhattan

In 2015, there was a suicide fad called the Paracetamol Challenge. No, it wasn't meant to be suicide, but it was basically suicidal to attempt it. If you were lucky, your body forced you to throw it all up. If you were unlucky, all that awaited you was a slow and painful death from acute liver failure. For a suicide, that's an even more unpleasant death than cyanide! And dying from cyanide is already quite unpleasant.

If you're going to do a challenge, check at least how dangerous it actually is. 

Symptoms of Medication Overdose

Paper and Fire

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Paper cannot wrap up a fire.

Enjoy the chapter!

Family Matters, Because Family Matters

Greenfruits and their Vitamins

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Greenfruits, I have an idea what those should be. But I might change my mind in the next chapter.

Enjoy the chapter!

If It Fits Like Wax, Just Wear It!

A New Coat of Paint

published on

Since I'm already at it, I tweaked the page a little. Of course things do sometimes break, but by now, everything should be back to working! If you notice something amiss, please feel free to send me a message.

By the way, I'm moving the weekly release of the Amauga chapters to Wednesday. Enjoy the chapter!

Clothes Make the Man

Vaccine Hit Like a Truck

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I got my vaccine shot on Friday, and the side effects were brutal. Things you do to not die from dangerous illnesses… Well, here's the chapter for now.

Nobles, Royals — I wonder how politics and intrigues will change everything…

Private Meeting in Castle Statinal

I Hope…

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I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot with this.

The Trip to Statinal

Yes, I know I'm half-assed

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With the state of current world events, I decided to just have Aster recover faster. In real life, cytokine storms do occur, it's what kills people when they catch Ebola or COVID-19. I really hoped the world would have been able to deal with COVID-19 until this part of the story get released…

Do stay safe and do help protect those that need it.

Recovery — I made it through the Blessing of Life

What food to you eat when you're sick?

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What food to you eat when you're sick? Chicken Soup? Congee? Chicken Congee?

Rabbit Soup – A Treat for the Sick


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I must be a masochist… I keep writing the story to parts that are really hard to write.

A Person From Beyond the Sky

Still Thinking…

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I'm still thinking of add some menhirs into the story…

Planning for the Future

Still Alive

published on

I'm still alive.

Banter and Fried Boar Meat


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I'm writing about meditation, but I don't know anything about it.

Meditation is Important

Bechdel Test

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Have you ever heard of the Bechdel Test? I just finished this chapter when it came back to my mind. Basically, to pass this test, a work must feature at least two named women who talk to each other about something other than a man. I accidentally made Amauga clear the test, but that's just a side effect of me telling a story.

Prediction and Politics

Colour Blindness in Our World

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Why isn't there a colour blindness filter online? Seeing like colour-blind people is not just putting a grey scale filter over certain colours.

Vision and Colour Blindness

About those Amaugan Rabbit

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Just before you ask, Amaugan rabbit is red meat.

Mett, Meatballs and Hamburger

Boring Brand Names

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Brand names can me quite… boring?

What is it? It is… Green.


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There's a Patreon Exclusive Poll 2020/Q1. If you want to know what's that poll is/was about, guess what Compound C-24F-51 is based on.

About Compound C-24F-51 and Cooking

Yes, I'm late…

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Sorry I'm late, FFXIV Relic farm took too so much time.

Moving into our New Home — Housewarming

That Odd Extra Chapter

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Focus… this chapter was just an odd one…

Hunting and Winter Vision

Listen to the Person Who Is Hammering?

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I just learned “Home Improvement” is an American sitcom. The German tile roughly translates to: “Listen to the Person Who Is Hammering” or “Listen to Know Who is Hammering”. Languages…

Home Improvements — Our Very Own Place!

Ice Houses — They're Simple, Aren't They?

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At first, I thought an ice house to be just a simple building with ice in it. But as it turns out, there's a lot more to it!

Dewick Construction Plans

Insert Song Here

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The title is completely accidental, but every time I read it and have that damn song in my head.

A Whole New World — The Wonders of Progress

Money in Fanatsy Settings

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Money in Novels is usually just bronze/copper, silver and gold. Some need units above those, and they usually go for platinum.

But how do people know the difference between similar coloured metals and alloys?

Metals, Money, and its Math

More Chapters

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I originally intended to just push one chapter per week, but I need to reach a certain threshold for the Scribbly Anniversary V2.

Lots of Preparation For the Future


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Therianthropes can further categorized into Lesser Alopanthropes, True Alopanthropes, Lesser Cynanthropes, True Cynanthropes, Lesser Lycanthropes, True Lycanthropes, Lesser Ailuranthropes, True Ailuranthropes, Lesser Ornithropes, True Ornithropes, Lesser Pithecanthropes… (the list goes on for pages)

Arriving in Dewick Village


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I'm just 4 chapters in, and I'm already trying to justify crossing over Crystal Down into this…

Rowan from Dewick Village

New Story

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Aster Kayden was just on his way to his first real vacation, when his shuttle's Hyperdrive malfunctions and he strands on an underdeveloped planet. Luckily, he has his AI in his shuttle to help him out. But something is different about this planet…

Since I'm entering this story in Scribbly Anniversary V2, it will be on Scribble Hub until April.

Quick Starting my Summer Break

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