So I got a Hi-MD Player

Text to Speech:

Well, I'm in my late 20s and I suddenly got that urge to get me some stuff couldn't have when I was younger. So I did some research into what ever happened with magnetic-optical-technology, especially the Sony MiniDisc.

While I didn't find out what happened to other MO-technology I did find out that Sony introduced Hi-MD in 2004, only to discontinue it in 2011. Some Hi-MD players can actually store other data then audio and even play MP3s. Two things that make the whole MD thing better!!

So I ordered a MZ-NH600 and a bunch of MDs only to learn Sony discontinued their software SonicStage. Not only that they even stopped serving the software at all. Well I found some mirror in the net… and the software won't work with Windows 10 and it doesn't run in WINE either. And since the whole MD tech was almost Sony-only I had a feeling finding some alternative software that would work could be quite a challenge. I can use MD in Hi-MD mode as mass-storage device no problem there, even without drivers. But I can't transfer any music to my MDs. Oh yeah, did I mention you have to put all your MP3s through some Sony Software else the players won't play them?

Well, I stumbled across linux-minidisc. It's open-source, multi-platform, very promising — just the little fact it can only experimentally write mp3s to my MD — just too bad I bought a model without MP3 support. OK, those cost 4 to 5 times more than what I paid for my MZ-NH600.

Until I find some way of getting any software to run, I guess I need to transfer my songs the analog way.

By the way, I'm totally not used to handling MDs, I keep putting them in like 3.5" floppies, MDs go in “sideways”.

It seems there is a community-pached version of SonicStage out there AND IT WORKS!! \o/

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