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As you might have noticed, this page has moved to a new domain: RIP search engine rankings. Why did I move? Actually, I had a lot of reasons…

The Past

Let's start with the old domain: It was just based on the handle I commonly use: 0xReki. It's a strange handle, I know.

When I started going by Reki on the internet, that handle was sometimes taken. While people seem to just say, it's fine, I wanted something I can use everywhere. Just by adding the 0x prefix to make it look geekier, I had a handle that was available to on almost all platforms. Yes, some platforms don't permit the handle starting with a digit… but those platforms came later.

Being a latecomer, was already taken by, a page about Reiki, whatever that is. I had looked at it, and decided it was not worth remembering what it was. Anyway, I tried reaching out to them to buy it from them, but they ignored me.

Sure, I could have tried registering a trademark and then sue them like a certain German Formula 1 racer, but that's against how I see registered domains should work on the internet. So in the end, I went with

User Habits

As you know, I host Doman Mahjong Tournaments in Final Fantasy XIV. One part of it is trying to get players in Final Fantasy XIV to join. For numerous reasons, some people can't copy the URL I post to a browser. So they try to type in the URL and half of the people think it's a capital o, not the numeral 0. Sure, I could just buy, but people view both domains with suspicion, as people seem to have trouble pronouncing it. Some people even thought 0x was a typo and visited, and got to a page about Reiki, whatever that is. And I totally get it.

Granted, for many, also looks suspicious, but I believe that's just because it's a new top level domain.

Better Relation to Content

I have to admit, I do rant a lot on my blog. So having a .wtf top level domain, does fit it more than a .de top level domain, which many would associate in German.


Since I own the domain, I also have my emails on that domain. But some address validators don't like the domain starting with a digit. I hope this new domain get accepted by those, but I doubt it.

The Future

I won't release my domains, I did that once, and I still have to deal with the fallout of that decision. I might write about what can go and went wrong some time in the future.

In short:

All old URLs should be redirected to the new domain, if you find some that don't work, please send me a message. 

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